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Hi Friends,

The other day I was hungry and there wasn’t much around as we were planning a grocery run the next day. So I improvised and threw a few things I could find into a stovetop pan – here is what it looked like:


What you see here is a whole lot of onions sautéing in vegetable oil with jalapenos and a cut up chicken sausage. I sautéed this for a while, then drained the excess oil and put the finished product on a piece of bread and added cheese on top.

What resulted was what I call: an Open Faced Onion Sandwich, which is the short name for an Open Faced Onion Sandwich with Chicken Sausage, Jalapeno and Cheese.

Innovative and frugal for sure – but certainly not the best thing I have ever eaten!

Would you eat this? Let me know with a comment and I will split a 100% upvote between all relevant responders who answer in the next 24 hours!

Glad you came by today,


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En mi país Venezuela le agregaría pimentón y tomates quedando como lo llamamos pollo guisado, queda fenomenal

Only one comment = 100% upvote... congrats @oresteg!