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RE: Street food... Comfort food!

in #foodlast year

You know the one good thing while the covid-19 and the lockdowns in Thailand we were still allowed out till 10 pm at night and all them yummy street vendors were still selling i was so happy that they were still selling 👍


Lucky you! We had various stages - initially all essential services shops closed at 8pm, no street stall or street food. Everything within closed premises, then more shops and opening times were extended til 10pm... and now dine-ins allowed and open til 12 midnight, and street stalls permitted to open.

Every government acted differently i suppose today we just got news that all nightlife clubs and bars will be open on July 1 st and to close at mid-night but it will be a slow as there are no tourist in the country it will probably cost them more to have them open then profit wise.