Homemade puff pastry snacks with goulash filling

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What to do with all the extra homemade goulash?

Although it's very delicious, I don't want to eat goulash for three days in a row. As I wrote in this post yesterday, I made quite a big batch of goulash a few days ago as I wanted to make some Dutch snacks. I have prepared them but due to circumstances, we haven't been able to fry these yet. So I know I promised to publish the end result of the Dutch snacks today, but honestly, I don't feel the blog would be complete without the pictures of them being at the final stage before we eat them: fried. I have to show how they look before we eat them, so bear with me for a few more days max, please.

For those that got hungry reading the post about the goulash, I have another treat

I didn't want to risk having to throw away all the goulash, so I bought some more puff pastry and decided to prepare 6 big puff pastry snacks with goulash filling. If you already have the goulash prepared (recipe here )this will take you just a few minutes only to make them. I used 6 leaves of puff pastry and 1 beaten egg to make them. The longest time is the waiting time while they are in the oven.

You are just a few simple steps away from eating these delicious snacks

Pre-heat the oven at 200 degrees before you start making the snacks.

Use a little flour to cover the work area before you put the puff pastry on it so it won't stick.


Add a big spoon of goulash in the area as shown on the picture below:


Use a brush to add some beaten egg on the edges of the puff pastry:


Close them and press the edges with your fingers so the puff pastry stays closed and looks like those in the picture below. When they are closed put them on the oven plate and cover them with some more beaten egg to give them a nice color:


Now place the plate in the middle of the oven at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes. Check if you think they are done, the puff pastry must look like the one shown below:


Don't they look delicious? Tip: don't eat them right away, you'll burn yourself!





ohh baby I want to eat your "goulash"


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It looks really delicious. nom nom

They were lol .. all gone though :)

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