Kimchi season / キムチの季節

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Chinese cabbages are sold at markets and super markets. It means Kimchi making time for me. I made two jars of Kimchi this morning.

This time I made it vegan without fish related ingredients. A video on YouTube by Tokyo Veg Life, one of my favorite YouTube channels encouraged me to do so.

It worked well and I ate almost half the jar amount for my lunch. A video by inspired me to make vegan one.

I basically follow the recipe below (Japanese). I make small changes time by time.

漬け込み2時間! 意外なうまみ食材で作る「自家製キムチ」レシピ | 三越伊勢丹の食メディア | FOODIE(フーディー)

I'll write down how I make Kimchi probably on next Monday for Fruits and Veggies Monday :)


今回は魚由来の材料を入れずビーガンバージョン。大好きなYouTubeチャンネルのひとつTokyo Veg Lifeの動画に背中を押されて作ってみました。だしパックなど入れなくても普通においしいです。

レシピは以前にも買いた三越伊勢丹の食メディアのものに基本的にしたがって作っていますが、ちょいちょい変えているので次のFruits and Veggies Mondayで投稿しようかな。

漬け込み2時間! 意外なうまみ食材で作る「自家製キムチ」レシピ | 三越伊勢丹の食メディア | FOODIE(フーディー)


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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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Thanks @galtsund!

Simply yummy

Yes yes 😁I have to be careful not to eat too much rice with it!

Oh yay! I actually got some cabbage at the market this weekend, and was thinking about trying to make kimchi for the first time this week! Would love to see more about yours. :)

I love this! I also want to have some kimchi again ^^

Make it! For me I'm satisfied with the vegan version and will continue making vegan one (partially because fish things are not easily available here in Germany) :)

Haha I will, thanks to your post I'm definitely craving it again! ^^

Well, at least you used the original "Weck"-jars which lent their name to the German verb for preserving food in glass jars.

still doesn't like Kimchi

Hihihi I know you don't like it 😁I can eat tons of rice with it .......

Ja Weck jars are great. I didn't understand why it's so popular initially but now it turned to be my favorite after living in Germany for 6 years!

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しばらく忙しいですが、落ち着いたら投稿します (^^*)

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