Very popular dishes are hand cut cake, coconut, haloya.

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This is a beautiful hand cut cake. It's so delicious to eat. The ingredients needed to make this batter are flour, sugar, flour. Mix all these ingredients together and then cut them again by hand and cut them in such a way. A cake made of beautiful and delicious fun made by hand.

This is a chopped piece of coconut. It's so delicious to eat again. Particularly when a ripe coconut is laid from the tree, it is very fun to break the coconut and mix it with chopped hand-cut batter. That's why coconut is sliced like this.

It's kind of a haloya. Mainly these foods are made with coconut. What types of items are each made with coconut materials? This is one of my favorite dishes. These materials are made mainly during different festivals, especially in our country, during special festivals at home. Since these dishes are not made without festivals or ceremonies, these dishes are called festive foods. Most people in our country love these foods because they are known only as festivals, more known as food.

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