Mint Liquor, Peanuts & Mushroom Side Dish - Homemade foods

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Today I want to introduce three things I've made at home recently with all the fresh herbs and vegetables that I've harvested from my garden and the produce I've traded for the food I've grown. I've been on a mission to try and avoid buying as few groceries as possible for the past few months and so far it has worked out fairly well.

mint liquor peanuts and mushroom side dish.jpg

It's not because I can't afford to go buy the stuff. With the exception of the mint soju liquor, I could have easily bought this all at the store (fresh mint isn't easy to find in massive quantities here). It's because I'm fascinated with the #homesteaders movement and I feel being able to make things on my own is important.

Homemade food definitely takes more time and money (if you value your time), too. It's amazing how a bit of homemade lettuce can be upgraded for about $3.00 worth of garlic and mushrooms. Friends and family would rather have my stuff than the stuff at the market. Sourcing the best quality ingredients is important for everyone's health.

Now I'll introduce these dishes 1 by 1.

Mint Liquor

I've talked a lot about my mint, I even wrote about drying mint for tea. Well, there are a few other ways to preserve mint. One of the ways is freezing it, but that's boring. The other way is putting it in alcohol to infuse the flavor.

mint soju.jpg
The shot is actually something else (I can't remember exactly), I recommending drinking while making alcohol

In my case, I use the humble and popular Korean soju. They sell it in 25% and 30% ABV. Since I'm planning on keeping this for a long time and leaving the mint in, I'll go with 30%.

drying mint.jpg
In the middle I'm drying rosemary and ghost peppers for some other purpose

First I pick the mint. Then I'm extra careful to remove the stems. I am more vigilant than when making tea because anything with too much wood in it can actually turn to methanol which is not good. I'm not sure if this is a problem with mint and I'm not actually fermenting or distilling anything, but who wants to take the chances? I'm not following a recipe.

I washed the mint well and dried it for a couple of hours indoors. I didn't want it to dry out because it always loses a little flavor when I do that. Also, it's unnecessary when being stored in alcohol. I just wanted the water that I rinsed it in to evaporate off.

mint in jar.jpg
If you put the alcohol in before putting in the mint, you are making your life difficult. Please ignore my adorable hedgehog slippers, they have a mop like bottom and do a nice job wiping up everything I spill.

Making it is too easy. Put the mint in the bottle, then pour the soju on top. I label it with the date and I'm good to go. I hear it takes about a week. At that point, you can start to drink it. It hasn't been quite that long yet and I can wait until the weekend to try. I'll just leave the mint in and maybe top it off a few times.

Boiled and Roasted Peanuts

I grew my own peanuts again this year despite not wanting to. Last year I failed miserably with 4 plants because I didn't know what I was doing. This year the man beside me was growing a lot and gave me 4 plants. I told him my story and he said, "No worries this land is great for growing, you were probably in the wrong spot, besides I'll keep an eye on them".

harvesting peanuts.jpg
Freshly harvested peanuts! They would be pretty nasty raw. I've been playing around with Adobe express so some of the pictures in this post are heavily filtered for 'effects' and your viewing enhancement

In case you don't know, peanuts grow underground and they are a legume, not a nut. In Korea they are called ddang-kong (땅콩). Ddang means ground or dirt and kong means bean. The name actually makes sense. Actually one of the plants didn't do so well but the other one got me enough for a nice snack.

boiling peanuts.jpg
You actually don't need to boil peanuts and they kinda taste strange if you only boil them. If you want the ballpark flavor don't do this. However, it does make their shells really clean.

First I rinsed them, then boiled them for about 20 minutes. I heard doing this is healthier. I don't really like boiled peanuts, though so after I roasted them. Roasting peanuts after boiling them is called 'Hawaiian Style' by some people. The texture is a little unique.

I salted them very lightly and ate them while watching some Netflix.

roasting peanuts.jpg
I've never made them well doing it like this. Next time, I'll just shell them and fry them in my cast iron skillet at low heat as that really brings out the flavor.

I could have spared the trouble and just bought roasted peanuts at the local shop. I could have even had them already shelled to save the mess and effort, but I kinda like fidgeting and I don't have a spinner. Maybe next time, I'll get some raw peanuts and roast them myself until I become an expert like my mother in law.

Mushroom Side Dish

Side Dishes are very popular in Korean Cuisine. I really like mushrooms, so I'm a huge fan of the mushroom side dish. This is a popular one and often served with meals at restaurants. I can also find this at the market to take home, but I make it much better at home and to my taste (no fish sauce or red pepper paste).

mushroom side dish ingredients.jpg

This dish requires 6 ingredients:

  • oyster mushrooms
  • green onion or leek
  • garlic
  • sesame oil
  • sesame seeds
  • soy sauce

The ingredients don't have to be exactly the same. I'm not the one eating your cooking, but you should follow the next directions. The only stuff from my garden were the large green onions. I got the garlic as a birthday gift and the other ingredients were either bought in the market, traded or gifts (I don't know my wife got them)

boiling mushrooms.jpg
Boiling mushrooms looks weird. I went with a sepia filter for this photo even though it already pretty much looked like this without the filter.

To make this dish, first I boil the mushrooms. I don't boil them for too long, a couple of minutes maximum. Even just parboiling or steaming them will do.

frying mushrooms.jpg
Fry it at a low heat, you aren't grilling them to put on steak adn they may turn to mush.

After, I add everything to a skillet (except the sesame seeds) and fry it lightly. I add around a tablespoon of sesame oil and soy sauce. I only fry it on low for around 10 minutes, then I turn off the heat.

extra mushroom side dishes.jpg
I always make plenty extra to snack on between meals or have as a side dish.

I put on the sesame seeds before serving or stashing it in the fridge. I'm not sure how long it will keep for because I usually devour it within a few days, but mushrooms don't tend to last very long.

Bon Appetite!

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I approve of this plant-based posts.

I'm glad I have your approval. Also, I didn't think of it. You are right it is all entirely vegan.

Accidental vegan? There's a lot of food like that!

Definitely. I do have a few tricks to make something almost vegan fully vegan. Especially substituting fish sauce with soy sauce or butter with oil.

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You got me at mint liquor! I'm one of those that thought peanuts grows on trees... don't judge me.... :D

Hey, I thought peanuts grew on trees until I bought a plant and couldn't figure out why it was hugging the ground and there were no peanuts to be seen.

hahahaha now I need to see if other nuts grows on trees or not thanks to you! :D

I want to assume groundnuts do not grow on trees, but who knows?

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Those are some awesome homemade food, just keep at your mission.

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Thank you very much. I plan on continuing and making more, but all in good time.

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Thank you. I do plan on doing a few more DIY things so I'll try to add some of those tags and explore other projects people have done themselves.

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Lovelyidea for the extra mint!
Cool that you got your own harvest of peanuts - flavor must have been divine having them fresh out of the garden!
That mushroom dish had my mouth watering, I'll have to give it a try!
Thanks for sharing!

Glad you liked these ideas. I think you are the first to mention all of them.

I always wonder should I combine ideas or separate. I think appealing to more people is better.

Thanks for sharing:)

Welcome ♡♡♡

I love mint in everything, coffee, milktea but have not tried with liquor. Thanks for the info on methanol, it caused poisoning here in the Philippines some months ago. Your peanuts will pair well with !BEER. Thanks for noticing my post, I was on hiatus for 3 weeks, I was gardening the whole time. Now, I have spare time for Steemit again. I am glad to read about what you do, I might try some of the things you wrote about. See you around. Cheers!

I noticed the resteem from @englishtchrivy, but don't recall seeing your posts for awhile. Glad you are back. I feared a few people quit after the hardfork.

I read about the methanol thing in DRCongo, but I guess PH has a similar issue with home brew stuff. I'm not actually making the alcohol so the risk of getting anything more than a stomach ache is very low.

Hey @abitcoinskeptic, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Awesome job, and nice neighbor you have!

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Thank you ~

Nice post @abitcoinskeptic! I enjoyed seeing what you've done with some of your garden harvest.

"It's because I'm fascinated with the #homesteaders movement and I feel being able to make things on my own is important."

Like you say, it isn't like we can't buy most of these things pretty easily. But putting in the effort to plant, work, and harvest your own is an ancient set of skills that too many in our time are losing.

I used to think I was saving some money putting in this sort of effort. Now I am far more focused on the quality of what we grow. Specifically, the nutritional value ...

Are your children learning alongside you?

Enjoy with your family!

P.S. Happy with your election results? With one of our former presidents "weighing in" with his endorsement?


Quality and maintainig practical skill is important for me, too. I don't have children yet, but I convince my wife to help me so she can learn too. At first she was reluctant, but now that she has been enjoying homemade vegetables amd the relaxation, she likes it. It needs a differnet way of thinking that takes time to adapt to.

I never voted for the guy or his party. He deserves to be a minority amd this time no 'just in' make-up (pubs intended).

I wasn't too happy with that endorsement, however they met after the Snc-lavalier scandal. I thought the blackface would ruin their friendship, but I learned that is just something progressives use to attack rivals. Also, he is an expert at apologizing.

He will spend any amount it takes on his center left populist agenda I suppose.

Nice to know your wife has developed an interest. My wife and I have a similar passion for gardening, as she grew up on a farm. We enjoy all aspects of it - just being outside vs. having our faces stuck into some digital device, working with the soil and the intricate harmony amongst all the living, etc. Just living simply ...

We share a similar view on your election results, although I don't pretend to be all that current on our northern neighbors.

It really seemed arrogant to me though that Obama chose to endorse him. I sure wouldn't be impressed with any other elected leader outside of our country telling me how to vote ...

The only question for me is whether Trudeau asked him to do that, if there was some thought that might help him overcome the blackface firestorm ..


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I have no idea why Obama chose to endorse Trudeau. It seems kind of ironic given the distaste in America for foreigners interfering in the election and Obama is kinda high profile.

On an interesting side note, one of the reasons why the Liberals were attacking the Conservatives is because the conservative leader, Andrew Sheer is a dual Canadian-US citizen. This is not a legal problem in Canada but it does come with some political baggage.

The most pathetic part is the Liberals always brag about how diverse their government is, being a dual citizen of somewhere with awful human rights records and autocratic governments is a symbol of courage and enduring spirit and all those nonsense feeling words. Celebrating your other cultural is beautiful and empowering. However, being American or western-European is the opposite, it's something to be ashamed of and means you probably have questionable loyalties if you haven't already denounced and renounced it.

It is not confusing to me @abitcoinskeptic, as those with a philosophy like Obama are elitists and do not view national borders the way I do and you might. Principles of personal responsibility, self government, and the resulting decentralization of power is anathema to them ...

Interesting to know about the dual citizenship of Sheer. And the associated damage to his political prospects. I think this ...

"The most pathetic part is the Liberals always brag about how diverse their government is ..."

... hypocrisy is not limited to Canada. The "forked tongue" manner in which these ideals are expressed, but then routinely violated, happen here in America almost continually.

Well, better get on with my day. Thank you for your replies on a topic totally unrelated to your post. We can both go back to enjoying what we have a little bit more influence over ... 🙂👍

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I definitely support national boarders. A lot of countries have civil service and things like conscription or taxes. The only reason we agree to these is because the government is supposed to give us citizen rights and property rights, etc. Loose boarders was never part of the deal.
It's ironic that the same people who used to hate globalization are now cheering for it, but in a slightly different form.
That being said I strongly support legal and skilled migrations and donating foreign aid to refugees.

I don't mind off topic replies if it is a good conversation. I was even thinking of adding something about the Canadian election, but the results were frankly unexciting.

Okay, thanks for taking the time to let me know this @abitcoinskeptic

”I don't mind off topic replies if it is a good conversation.”

… as we are likeminded, in this regard.

And we appear to have similar views about national borders, as well. I can’t say whether it is or not in Canada, but that is a major topic for discussion here in America …


Why don't you bash the mint leaves to release a bit of the oils? Would that help or it wouldn't really make a difference?

I do that for making fresh and ready to serve beverages and cooking. I guess when making icecubes I should do this too. It's a nono when drying because the oils will be released early. However in the infusing case it's likely unnecessary. Even 24 hours later it was obviously minty. Now, after a few days it seems too strong to drink straight.

And I always thought that peanuts grow on a tree! )) Thanks for this info)))

I don't think it's common knowledge. Pineapples are also unexpected, they grow on a bush.

  1. I love the slippers! I live in my slippers. I even wear them out sometimes.
  2. Love the idea of making mint liquor! I think I'm going to do that with some bourbon.
  1. I'm worried that I won't find ones I like when they wear out, maybe I should get extras...
  2. I plan on mixing mine with soda water , lime juice and straight liquor to make mojitos.

Buying stuff is easy. Making your own is fulfillment and brings inner happiness. I would love to try that mint liquor. First I need to grow my own mint.

The nice thing about mint is it is easy to grow, almost too easy. Just water it a little when it is new and then it's unstoppable.

I like all these foods very much. Thank you for your efforts to introduce them. I still don't believe you that peanuts are a subterranean food.

Glad you liked it. About the peanuts...

I do love those slippers. ;) Comfy footwear is a must while working on projects in the kitchen. I am dabbling more with homemade products, as well. Both with our garden goodies and also things from the farmers market. It is quite rewarding to take the time to make something from scratch. I would rather spend my time in those types of endeavors than wasting it in less productive ways. Though sometimes I wish I did have even more time to experiment and rely even less on some of the store-bought items. My latest homemade item was roselle jam from @joelai's recipe. Delicious!

Completely agree with you on all of that. I really enjoy going to farmers markets and never hesitate to buy food from any of the local festivals or markets as they usually know their suppliers well conpared to any supermarket.

I'll have to take a look at that recipe, thanks for recommending.

Here's the jam

It has a great tart flavor. We're trying to save the seeds to see if we can grow some ourselves. :)

Thanks @plantstoplanks for the mentions, soon we might all have a roselle jam party!!
Speaking of growing your own, good luck on your try, I think need to plant some new ones soon.

@abitcoinskeptic, hope you will join in the party in the future!

I'm like you @abitcoinskeptic, I prefer making it myself rather than buying! Learned two new things today, making mint infused alcohol and growing peanuts! So fun, I would love to grow my own peanuts, do you need a snady soil? Looks tasty!

My soil is sandier than average and with less clay than average. It's a liitle reddish brown in color.
Peanuts don't need a rich black soil, but they like a loose one.

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Never steamed nor par-boiled mushroom so this is a first, the mint beverage looks interesting as well as the food @abitcoinskeptic

Steamed mushrooms does seem a little odd. The pot of them boiling looks strange, too.

I will try my mint alcohol soon and let everyone know. It said wait 5 days, but I think 15 to 30 is more appropriate.

It definitely sounds enticing having mint alcohol, perhaps try some on ice-cream during summer it would be so refreshing as an evening treat.

Ohh, that would be interesting. or even in a slushie.

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