Your Upvotes Have Gone To Thailand

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You may have noticed a slight reduction in upvotes coming your way in the past couple of days. I'd like to think it's partly due to the ongoing SteemFest event in Bankok.

I remember when I was in Kraków for SteemFest 3 lat year, I didn't have enough time to consume, let a lone engage with content on here. Since I mainly curating manually back then anyway, It meant I didn't upvote much content.


Yours very truly on the summit of one of the Carpathian mountains a couple of autumns ago.

I did, however, participate in a lot of the SteemFest related activities which included upvoting certain challenges. I also followed all the new people I met and engaged with and upvoted their content in real time.

This meant that I had less time, and voting power, for the other content out there.

As expected, it's going to be the same thing throughout SteemFest this year. Already I've been noticing the activities like "Proof Of Hug", that are being upvoted by some of the high stake accounts. There will be many more of those to come.

That's the other thing - while this is ongoing, the larger stake accounts that are participating in SteemFest may not have the time or leftover VP to also curate non SF content.

This only affects manual curation, of course, since auto votes are chugging along as usual.

So if you've noticed a reduction in incoming upvotes, fear not, and rest assured that when SF is over, and the nostalgia period that follows (which usually entails a period of SF circlejerking), your upvotes will hopefully come back :)

For now, lets sit back and enjoy the SteemFest content. I'm FOMO'ing but still loving it.


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.


Indeed and apologies, I am focusing on SF4 for my curation but never fear as day 2 is now almost over and relaxing begins.

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Sucks to Miss Out of the SF Circlejerking :/ ...Someday...

Yeh, good times ahead hahah.

Sighs. Aluta Continua..

You should have, you sooooo should have T^T

The fact I found out during the fest, Tons of Steemians are funny af and I like it lol

Now you have to come to the next one in Kenya ;)

Roeland has announced, it's gonna be in Puerto Rico

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I was so bummed you were not here man. I was sure you were gonna be the surprise show up (like last year pretending you were not coming)
Alas... I must now get back to my SF jerking🤣

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LOL. Yeah. I couldn't get out of the commitments in London sadly. I would have pulled one of those :)