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RE: Journalist Suing CIA for 5,000 Records Regarding Wikileaks, Judicial Watch Suing CIA in Relation to the Mena Arkansas Airport and You Can Too!

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Kinda leads one to wonder what exactly they think "isn't in the public interest" and what they are hiding. Is there something in the requests that they believe is against the public interest? Perhaps that will erode faith in the government? Or is this just bullshit?

If it was just something small, they'd probably just redact it out. If it isn't them just being dicks...then maybe it actually has to do with things they have no legitimate reason to redact, like people's opinions. Maybe people freaking out about things?


"The letter also declared that there was “a considerable amount” of emails “whose disclosure will not further the public’s understanding of the operations or activities of Government” and therefore “their disclosure is not in the public interest.”

I am confident that the problem with those emails is not that they won't further the public's understanding of government, but that they will. One of the problems sociopaths are burdened with is an inability to conceive of others as equally human. The kind of people that hamstring children while raping them in front of their parents, as the Contras did in Nicaragua, consider their interests the public's interests. They can't conceive of the public as people with valid interests opposing their own.

Given their mental illness, the claim that releasing this information isn't in the public interest might even be what they believe.

All excellent questions which the CIA would certainly make every attempt NOT to respond to. TIf anything on Wikileaks is released it will likely be heavily redacted adn as you point out it would demonstrate that they indeed have something to hide.