Proposal: PalNet bidbot/selfvote-flagging week; Juli 15 till Juli 21. Please resteem this post.

in #flags2 years ago

I like the idea of steem-engine in general and PALNET specifically as an interesting testing ground for the future of STEEM.
With bid-bots already maing their way into the steem-engine ecosystem, we are seeing a big test for the STEEM platform coming available in the tokensphere.

With HF21 around the corner and hinging on the idea of flag incentivized good behavior, I think now is a great moment to test just how well flags can work at correcting the undesired behavior that HF21 tries hardest to fight: false curation.

Lets elect the coming week, starting next monday as "PALNET bidbot/selfvote-flagging week".

If you have staked your PALNET airdrop, starting monday the 15th, find two or three posts that use the #palnet tag and either:

  1. Have received upvotes from known bid-bots, or
  2. Are posts that promote bidbots or advocate their use, or
  3. Are self-upvoted, or
  4. Are up voted by an account you know belongs to the same person.

If you are in, comment on this post and resteem it. Let's see if we can test the ideas that downvotes can work as the corrective measure that the HF21 designers believe it can be. Let us make #palnet a testing ground for flagging bid-bots and self up votes the coming week and see what happens.

If things backfire and we get ourselves a tiny flagwar, we will have learned a lot, and hopefully Steemit Inc and the top content providers will also have learned a lot and will change the HF accordingly if needed.

I feel STEEM needs a test like this, an experiment, and #palnet may be a great way to run this test.