Introducing Antiflag.

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Introducing @Antiflag


@antiflag is a new account to service all your flag fighting needs.


Review post for upvote: Send 10 HSPK Tokens to @antiflag Your post will be manually reviewed. If the flag{s} on the post seem unfair, you will be up-voted {as close to the amount you lost as possible.}

Become Whitelisted Send 100 HSKP tokens to @antiflag {if you are currently unfairly blacklisted}. If you are whitelisted by @antiflag you will receive a 100% up-vote on all posts {that follow the rules.}

This service is NOT A way to work around bots like @cheetah that look for stolen content.

Every post submitted for review will be manually reviewed for the following.

Stolen content {copy/paste}
Private pictures
Flagging from {tribe} tag abuse
Posts under 40 words
Anything illegal like threats, call to actions etc.

There will be no refunds on HSPK tokens submitted to @antiflag

send in {10} HSPK tokens with the following memo: {URL of flagged post} to @antiflag.

If you are applying for the {100 HSPK} Whitelist Send this memo: {I am blacklisted by BLANK} and add who is blacklisting you.

Remember only posts that follow the {above} rules will be re-compensated.

Buy Hard Spork {HSPK} Tokens HERE - - >

All Hspk tokens received will be powered up {to @antiflag}. Please consider delegating SP if you wish to fight unfair flagging. Thank you.

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