A special Happy Hash, not too hard, not too easy

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It has started to become winter in Chiang Mai lately, and it is the best time of year in my opinion. As I am sure most people are aware, Thailand is a very hot and humid country, but for a few months of the year in the northern areas, it gets pretty cold.

With temperatures reaching around 10 degrees C (50 F) this isn't exactly a call for the winter clothes, but it is quite cold for those of us that have grown accustomed to 35 degrees +.


The cold doesn't kick in until after sunset but that's the thing. The Hashes always start around 4 and this time of year the sun goes down around 530, so towards the end, we have a fantastic chance to get cold.


This would end up being particularly true for the couple of people that couldn't manage to make it across this rickety bamboo bride. 4 people ended up getting soaked but no one got hurt.

Now I want you to take another look at the above picture in general. See that fatty standing next to the creek? That is "Shrek" and he is quite a "big boy" and he is aware of this. He is also fairly representative of what many of the hash members look like.

Sometimes people are afraid to join a hash because they think that everyone is going to be super athletic and they might feel intimidated. Rest easy in those feeling and join anyway. I would say that a good half of our local members are overweight and most of them are over 50. Good people for sure, but elite athletes they are not.


I personally made a pretty decent pace on this run, but to be fair i was trying to win. This is known as being an F.R.B. or "Front Running Bastard." the trail was a bit difficult to find at times but that was kind of the point. it's nice to know at the end that i burned 702 calories because i had 6 beers at the circle and that is probably exactly how many calories are in 6 beers.


Today was "special" because the run was set by two "virgins" meaning that they had never set a trail before. This is a nerve-wracking event for anyone involved because setting trail isn't exactly easy to do. Overall the two of them did a wonderful job and the trail was actually a bit better than most of the ones that are set by veterans.

A good time was had by all and I definitely had a headache the following day. It was soooo worth it.

Anyways, as always i strongly encourage anyone out there to type the name of your city followed by "hash house harriers" and see if there is a local chapter. They a great group of people and an international organization.



Seems like this would be a great time with some frustration, some competition, some laughs (at Shrek's expense of course), some personal achievements and some good reminiscing during the consumption of those beers. Beer/calorie burn.. win win! I think I would have taken a running start and pole vaulted that bridge/canal with a nice strong piece of bamboo. When I busted my butt, that would be something to talk about over brews.. hahaha.. glad it was a good time for ya :-)

doing something outrageous like attempting to bypass the bridge is certain to make you the center of attention at the beer circle. It also will get you a nickname that will stick for life.

Shrek has a great sense of humor about his weight and he can move as fast as the far smaller people in attendance. It just goes to show that being a part of this group can be a really great thing!

I would fall as well crossing on them bamboos 😁

you just had to not walk too slow. The people who were overly scared and concerned about balance rather than just bounding across were the ones who fell in. This was my first exposure to a water hazard on a hash run, it was fun. It would have sucked to be one of the ones who fell in. I don't know if you have ever tried to run with wet shoes and socks but it is not fun!

Wow Outdoor CrossFit 💪 I can’t even run 10 minutes 🏃😂

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Wow! Very impressive! You could run that distance! I would never do this run!! LoL!

Nice cool weather for the event!
It’s going to get colder!

i didn't run the whole thing, parts of it are through thick brush or on uneven footpaths. Attempting to run in that would almost certainly result in injury (which does happen on these things... i've been hospitalized once!)

Very wise! You know how to play safe!!

Hope you are not moving away next year!

Have a nice cool day!

we have a fantastic chance to get cold.

For someone who lives in a mostly freezing country and adores the heat.. this sounds kind of .... wrong!

When I was younger I used to go hiking a lot and had the chance to go through bridges like that. It was a lot of fun once you found out how to do it. I love those. Would never miss one 🙂

Looks like you had a nice day and congrats on the stepcount.

I lived in Durban for many years and the humidity is terrible. You look forward to the months that are cooler giving you some respite from sweating all the time. I can understand why winter is the best time of the year as that is what I would look forward to. FRB's lol.
One beer is the equivalent to 2 slices of bread so 6 beers is over half a loaf .

I didn't expect this cold weather in Thailand. It's 5C at night in Pai 🥶

I googled Pai but looks like Chiang Mai is the nearest local chapter. Although, I'm lazy in running and super cold at the moment (valid excuse hehe)

well it happens every monday (for men only) and thursday / saturday are for everyone. Hit me up if you wanna go... i promise you'll have fun.

Thanks for the invite! I'll see when I drop by Chiang Mai. For now, loving Pai :)

Do the older and bigger people actually run the whole time or do they find themselves walking when they can't quite keep up? That would be me. I might be able to run for a quarter mile, but then I am going to be defaulting to walk for the next 3/4 of a mile :)

Most people walk a lot. I walk a lot and I am neither old nor overweight. Well, maybe a little overweight

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Very cool gooddream, those always sound like a great time. That bridge looks dangerous! No wonder people couldn't make it across but I assume you did. Who's lands do these hash's take place on?

the land thing can be an issue from time to time. We dont' always ask permission and sometimes the owners get upset. We try to do it in national parks as much as possible.

Oh, very interesting. Well if the owners get upset just offer them a couple cases of beer! They'll probably invite you back.