The Struggle Is Real

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Thought I'd check in really fast so that my blog doesn't become inactive.

When I decide to do something, I usually tend to go all out and put 100% of my focus into that thing. When the things I decide to do are drugs and video games, I tend to be not quite so productive.

More recently, I've been working very hard on my game for Steem. However, I ended up hitting a wall there because of the horrible imbalances caused by sitting in a chair all day.

I've been researching how to fix my shoulder and lower back for a few weeks now, and I'm putting everything into it.

I'm starting to realize that not only do I need to strengthen all these posture muscles that most people ignore (even those who work out), but I also need to strengthen my heart. It's become very obvious to me that my brain isn't even getting enough blood to think straight. "Brain fog" has been a problem for me for several years now. This is where the benefits of fitness will make me not only a better programmer, but better at pretty much everything I do no matter what the task.

I've only been exercising 2 weeks and already the changes in my body have been massive. Everything is more regulated. My hormones are coming into balance, I go to the bathroom at much more consistent times, I can think and focus better, my energy levels are higher and I'm never tired.

I've been doing physical therapy on my rotator cuffs, glutes, and hip flexors for less than a week and every day the problem gets noticeably better. It's actually pretty incredible. So incredible in fact that every time I sit in my computer chair or do anything else that aggravates the injury my body lets me know and I've been recently avoiding a lot of my normal activities.

It's very unfortunate that I've had to halt work on my game so close to having a working product, but I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. Hopefully I'll be able to find some balance here once I get myself out of this boot-camp stage.

The tipping point is coming soon™

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good for you bud

Great to hear that ure improving. :)

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I love how inspired you are. Your body will be back on track in no time! Keep up the great work. One step at a time ❤

I'm glad you are better. Remember the base of the pyramid is your health of the body, withouth that you can't do anything. Then comes the health of your mind and self-esteem and all that. But first your body man.

I hear that, I work a desk job, plus have a gaming hobby. The key for me was find fun activities that kept me from going and sitting down after work. Clearly that activity is longboarding. However I still need to actually focus on the posture muscles as well, cause just being active alone doesn't solve all that, but thanks for the reminder.

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I have abandoned chairs during computer time. You seem to be on the right track for your purposes, so I wish you well in your endeavors.


I am glad to hear you have gone this path.

Because forcing yourself to finish... leaves you, and the game, broken.

Stomach crunches (don't know the name of the better exercise) and hyper back extensions are really important. Strengthen the core. But these don't help with you looking any better.

So keep up the better work, and see if you can work balance into your obsession.

Get better man, the best thing is to stay moving and exercising! There are benefits I’m sure you know and understand but overall benefits as well. The game will get finished when it’s the right time.

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Sorry to hear about your shoulder and I pray it get recover soon

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"Brain fog" has been a problem for me for several years now.

Make sure that you have your thyroid function tested. for real.

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I did/do have quite a few of those symptoms.

In fact my doctor told me a few months ago that my cholesterol level was elevated, which I thought was strange, because I don't consume that much cholesterol.

Cholesterol isn't passed unchanged through the digestive tract to our blood. Eating items containing cholesterol affects, but does not determine blood cholesterol levels.

That rock will start rolling downhill as soon as it gets over the hump! Don’t stop the rolling!

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I experienced a rotator cuff problem starting a couple of weeks ago. I woke up one morning having slept on my stomach and having had my left forearm arched around the top of my head. Being in that position for hours had probably stretched my rotator cuff too much and had caused some minor damage and inflammation in it. For over a week, I couldn't lift my left arm to the side more than about 30 degrees without feeling sharp pain. I felt ongoing dull pain night and day. Then I applied Voltaren Forte on my shoulder and all the pain vanished in 24 hours. I only had to apply the salve twice (it's applied once every 12 hours). It stopped the inflammation in its tracks.

I clearly need to be more careful from now on.

Fuck, dude. Totally forgot to mention it.. feel really bad rn.

Do you already have a foam roll? It does wonders.

It was one of the first things that really helped me. And you know about my situation ^^

I just roll my whole back over it and it feels sooo good.

duckduckgo pics :D

but I have a harder one

What doesn't kill you , will makes you stronger...keep pushing forward.

Good for you for getting your body and mind to a healthy state. I need to follow your example and focus on my physical health for that I can perform better mentally.