Fishing Day

in #fishing2 months ago

Hi Friends,

I took a vacation day today and spent some time kayak fishing in one of the local harbors. The air was a bit smoky and the marine layer never died off, so the weather was strange, but I still had a good time.

I ended up catching 17 fish, so a pretty good day. The species caught were halibut, spotted bay bass, calico bass, barred sand bass, and yellowfin croaker. Here are a few pics:






The kids and wife stayed home as Jacob had school and I was only going for a short fishing session. It was a fun day, but I do like fishing with the kids a lot too!

Thanks for coming by,


Are all these fishes edible? The only fishes I know are those that live in the supermarket...:=(

17 FISH!!! Did you keep them all? Did you eat some for dinner? That is a 💩 load of fish for one session.

Hehe, pretty good fishing.., I let them all go this time 😃

17 fish in a "short fishing session"!!😮 That's what I'm talking about. You killed it out there.🎣

Fishing is one of the job I love to see people do most times but it entails so many technical skills. Not for the novice. I love it too. Even my younger ones too.