Kayak Fishing

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Hi friends,

I took a day off work today and decided to go kayak fishing!

I fished for about 5 hours, starting at 6:45am, and had a good day on the water. I ended up catching 17 fish, mostly Spotted Bay Bass and Yellowfin Croaker, but also caught a couple Calico Bass and one small halibut.

Here are some pics:






I got a lot of footage on my action cam, so I plan to creat new fishing video created sometime soon - I will share once its ready!

Thanks for coming by!



In Florida we call the 2nd fish a whiting

man you enjoy life i see but can you tell me are you fishing I river or sea and location because I quite like you picture and want to travel there?

What fun!!! 17 FISH!!!! Did you get to bring home some or did you release some? I love fish... fried fish, grilled fish, poached fish, steamed fish! Do your girls like fish?
Looking forward to your fishing video, my friend @brian.rrr.
Take care🥰🌺🤙

Thanks!! I let them all go this time but we do like fish too... we usually eat it at least once per week! Thanks for coming by!

@brian.rrr, my discord user name is Silver Saver#1507
If you have the time, I have a question to ask. Please DM me. Much appreciated, my friend. And Thank you.

Ah that looks like some great fishing. Our son is getting to a fun age where he’s more interested in these things. We started going this summer and he’s been loving it! Especially when I catch a couple nice bass he’s been having fun helping me reel it in.

We have a little canoe but he’s too young to try fishing on it and there’s too many speed boats and jet skis on the lake we fish at. A couple years maybe!

Thanks for sharing the fun fishing photos! Some nice ocean fish it looks like.

That’s awesome and sounds like great bonding time! 😃