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Not exactly sure how this works yet, posting from palnet...

Here is a picture of my drone, ready for take-off at the solar farm I am working on all summer.


It's a DJI Mavic 2 pro and is most handy because it folds up really small and I can walk long distances with it. Unlike other much bigger, heavier pro drones.

This is the site I am playing with.

pic for post.jpg

So, all I have to do is tag palnet and this appears on the steem blockchain?

Do I even have to log in to palnet at all?

Perhaps I can just tag palnet from steem?

Does anyone have answers?

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Nice to see you're using palnet too, PAL.

Like others tell you, the tag alone is enough. I often forget about the tag and like to use a bunch of them, so I kind of need to login to palnet anyway.

Even more awesome to find out that your drone has a helicopter landing patch.

How's the weather holding up there?

Yep, figured it out now ;)

The weather has moments when I feel like it is winter here. Very cold when there is no sun. But on other days it is perfect. So, it's a mix really.

Am with my mother at the moment who has come to visit for a few days. Loving it :)

even can post from every frontend that you want, and if you just use the tag #palnet it will already appear with this..

life is easy! Im doing my curating also through palnet frontend currently..i dont know why, it just feels good :)

Distributing tasty Steem & Pal at the same time. Trying to do that several times a week as well.

exactly...the frontend works why not spread both the loving!


Am getting this now! Thanks :)

hi @samstonehill !
you just need to put the « palnet » tag !
after, log in to see your earnings and claim it :-)

Here’s is situated this solar farm in UK, and what is you role there ? Seems to be a massive project !

have a sweet Sunday 🌱

Gracias amigo. I understand now :)

.. happy that I could help ;-)

I did a few with just tagging and appear without having to logon.

Yep, I can see how it works now. Super simple really :)

Are we running out of tags yet. :-)