Palnet first post huzzah!

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Welp. This is it. A whole new world order. Angels dancing on the head of pins. Cats sleeping with dogs. Oceans boiling...

That kind of thing..

Palnet, some kind of new interface that will change the world.

When you first log in, you have this nice shiney and clean blog. Cause it only grabs posts with the #palnet tags..

And I think there's going to be a lot of them..

Lookit how nice and shiney it is!!!

What is Palnet? @juliakponsford has a pretty good intro post on it.. go check it out, and then upvote!

This is the last very last moment my Palnet will be clean and empty and shiney.. Cause also, I just found the Night Mode

twists evilth mustache

go! enjoy another interface! find out about another token! POST!

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Shiny! So when I upvote you here (on Partiko), do you get PAL coin or how does that work?

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That part I don't know yet.. it does have a wallet and tracks PALcoin or whatever it's called and show how the votes translate.. but not sure if using other interfaces add to that coin..

I DO know that you can post from any other platform just using the #palnet tag it will show up in the Palnet feed...

Soooooo many new things to know and learn :D

answer -->

yes, if you have staked PALcoin.. which is just like Steem power.. also.. you likely have some PALcoin from their airdrop which you can stake and start in on it...

Cool, thanks! I logged in there yesterday and saw that I have 0 PAL coins, and that it is shiny and nice. Especially the trending page with real posts by interesting people on it!

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Yah, I'm really liking it...

goto and see if they airdropped you any... I got like 115 or something..

This is a good post on it...