Skating on Natural Ice

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I really thought we wouldn’t get a proper winter this year and I was ready to pack my skates and artic weather clothing back to the storage when the temperature suddenly dropped. I left the city on Monday morning and there was no snow, and no temps below zero, when I returned yesterday, everything was frosty and temps dropping all the way down to -10 during the night.

We don’t have any snow in the city but that is actually a good thing because that means it’s absolutely perfect conditions for ice-skating! The lake is frozen and there is hardly any snow. Below zero temperatures for a few days has made the ice really even and nice, hardly any cracks or bumps, just perfect!

Natural ice is of course natural and minor imperfections exist so you gotta keep your eyes on the ice (eh eh). I did fall once when my skate hit a crack on a perfect angle to get caught a bit, but I didn’t hurt myself.

It’s a weekday and I was out before mid day so there were hardly any people on the ice, just perfect! If I wake up really early tomorrow, I’ll be able to go skating again, and I really should because there conditions don’t last for long.

I’m meeting with @celestal and @rrusina tomorrow afternoon for something, which is a surprise but I was told to bring a camera! I’ll keep you guys posted!



One activity I really want to try! as a starter would you fall a lot? :D

Oh for sure! But I was probably five years old the first time I skated so it's not like I had a long way to fall down to 😂you can put on kneepads and a helmet if you are scared of falling 😁

Well I can't stop wondering about how many times I'll have to fall down to get the skating in the pocket! :D

Hockey skates. Good call. Where I live in Canada, I rarely see a frozen lake or pond that isn't covered in deep snow. Pisses me off!

I'm sure I'd be face down if I tried figure skates. It's very rare in here too, gotta meet those perfect conditions of cold enough to freeze but not snow.

We just get drunk and spin in circles on our snowmobiles until the ice is exposed.

That works too :D

It snowed for about an hour yesterday here in London, but it didn't settle.
We're pretty much a tropical country now here :)

England probably has the worst weather known to man, so damn MOIST!

And woman too, sadly.

As pretty as ever, by the way, I like your Ray-Ban :*

Thank you! The aviators are the only sunnies that look good on me 😎


They also work well for my eyes :)

Wow it seems incredible, I'm skaters and I've always thought it will be the same ice skating? I hope to try skating on snow and ice rinks, greetings from Venezuela.

It's kinda the same but also different, for example it's way easier to slow down or stop with ice skates :D

used to be quite good at ice skating not done it in years, need and opportunity to go for sure 💯🐒

Gotta love ice-skating