Wohoo, one of my artworks is being featured and auctioned!

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So this is what happened yesterday, I received an urgent mail from MakersPlace. Something with urgent in capitals in the title is already exciting, right?

I was happy to read that they asked me if I wanted to put a one of one exclusive artwork on their auction. They had a favorite. And you guys may recognize it's predecessor. It's an artwork that is originated from the series Deserted. For MakersPlace, I created an exclusive version.

Click image to view on OpenSea

Photography: Photo, Digital, Nature, Altered.

Highlighted Colors in this print: Medium turquoise, Ruby Red and Duck Blue.

Victus Ex Nihilo is an artwork created from one photograph that was taken in Tallinn, Estonia during the Summer of 2018. The original photograph was taken nearby a forsaken quarry, the Rummu Quarry. The name "Victus Ex Nihilo" was given to this artwork. It resembles an unseen defeat and seeking inner strength in order to overcome it.

When captured by fear, we may find ourselves immobilized. Steps get stuck in the past while time passes on. Yet, when we seek out inner-strength, paralysis may be defeated once the past has been forgiven.

I'm flying in the skies, in disguise stuck in a maze of clouds that made me realize you can't face the truth, without seeing the real lies.

I'm sitting still, trying to count the hours thinking while I take endless showers
to turn seeds in my head, into flawless flowers. Live, and grow. Ruben Juriën Cress

Personal: It has been 2 years now when my life turned into shattered pieces. The bubble that I was living in was a mere illusion that I hold so dearly close to me. Time stood still, life was a constant battle. In these two years, I was picking up the pieces, deceived as I was, when almost giving up it turned around realizing that I have already come so far.

Super rare.

Super rare? Yes. It is an one of one edition. Besides being a one of one edition. I have deleted the file from my hard-drive which means that the one that is uploaded to MakersPlace is the only one available, and whoever buys it will be the only owner. Why did I delete it? Similar to physical original artworks, once ownership has been transferred, there should only be one edition.

Proof of Ownership

With digital data and proof of ownership are being developed on new grounds, they still have to be discovered and adopted by many. With files and data stored on the blockchain, there can only be one original file within a block or node. There can be a duplicate, but it will never be the same. Possibilities with this technology just blow my mind away. Just let these words sink in "Proof of Ownership", and think of the things you can own, and things that you need to proof it is yours. I can see these kinds of smart contracts being laid out for rentals, certificates, properties, games, art and so on.


I'm super excited to be listed, but I guess I would need people who bid on my artwork to make it work. The starting bid is around 5$, so let's see how far it gets. If anyone of you knows art collectors, then please let them know about this auction.

Thank you for reading, and if you are going to support me; happy bidding!

ps; If you have no clue what MakersPlace is and why it is so special, check out the video below


Greetings Ruben,

Very happy for you.......yes...I agree....only one.

All the best.


Thank you so much @Bentleycapital, if you would like to, create an account on MakersPlace and offer your artwork as well on it :)

Hi ya,

Sent you a note in Discord.....

Thank you.


Congrats 🎉

Thanks you :)


Thanks Fiery 🔥🔥

Nice ben!! And one of one edition daaanggg. Goodluck!! 😄

Haha yes! I deleted the artwork from my hard-drive as well. Thank you Vy

Cool man! Congrats hope it goes well.

Thank you Yogajill, I currently have one bidder :)!

That is so cool. I am going to have to check this place out when I have some time.

Thanks homie, you really should give it a try! There is a friendly community with fast and helpful members.

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Hooray @c-squared thank you guys

Love it!

Thank you :)