The Overthinker | Oil Painting

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The Overthinker
Oil on Canvas
24 x 18 in

When your head explodes...

Everything else blows up as well....



DSC_0693  Copy.jpg






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First impression I got the moment I looked at this was a mind full of thoughts and well busy with inner projection I can't help but notice the face projects sadness. It's a dazzling piece by all means

Wow, that's such an accurate and vivid expression of the thinker. I love to observe the one who is inside me, from a distance.

Thank you!

I could overthink this but I'm not going to.. I bet the kitty isn't thinking over everything...

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She probably thinking of how to escape that grip real quick xD

I want a nice cushy blanket-bed thing she and the cat are sitting on!

Where is she looking?

Haha, yeah looks very soft and comfy.

Where is she looking?

You know that theory in psychology that when someone is looking at the right side while remembering/thinking about something, that means that person is looking at the creative side... which means he/she is imagining or creating scenarios in her head? Yeah that's how I see overthinking.

Cos when you look at the left side, that means you're remembering facts/events that happened. :D


Boring traditional art.

Okay lol thanks for the feedback :D

Cute :)

Very very beautiful! I love the color scheme.