Do I expect to be fit before I start exercising?

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Do I expect to be fit before I start exercising?, I ask this question about financial activities, yes, does it seem absurd?, I know it does, however, I hope it is worth the analogy that I want to share with all of you.

Let me explain, generally people don't want to invest in financial education, and that's a big mistake. They focus on getting money, believing that working harder and harder will make them rich, and this is not necessarily true. If we look at the amount of hours most people work (10-12-14 hours a day) it is easy to realize that there is no direct relationship of working hours. So, just focusing on earning money without knowing how to manage it will undoubtedly keep the situation of limitation complicated.



If you don't learn how to manage $500 a month, you won't know what to do if you reach an income of more than $10,000 a month. It's easy to see that the main thing here is you have to learn how to manage.

Let's say you have never had the responsibility of managing a small business, would you be qualified to manage a big business?, surely the answer would be no, and it is logical, the same applies to anything in life, before learning to stand up we first had to learn to sit down. Basic natural law.



With all this what I want to point out is that we should not wait to achieve a higher income to learn how to manage money, because as human beings we are animals of habit, of habits, and if when we are in a first stage of growth, where we do not have the best conditions, we do not learn to manage ourselves properly, we will continue making the same mistakes when we can have more. And it should be noted that when we have more, we tend to get into more complex financial situations, and if we do not know how to manage them, we will be condemning ourselves to a great failure.

Currently we have available thousands of free courses to learn how to manage our finances, not to mention the huge amount of videos that exist and can serve as instructive and give us some guidance on how to improve in this important area of our lives as it is the economic.

We must be very clear that many of these courses or training videos are focused on the reality of other countries different from ours, however, we can obtain a lot from them and adapt them to our income level, and to our country's reality, we just have to dare, dedicating time to training is a time that is invaluable, don't you believe it?.

For now I say goodbye, I hope to leave a great reflection in you.

Thank you very much for reading my publication.


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Something my mother always tells me: "The more you have, the more you spend", and from what you tell me in this article, it must be true. If we do not know how to manage ourselves in order to have more and better with what we have, we will be bad managers of our lives and we will always live in economic deficiency.
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