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Chuffed to bits to see a video I made last March 2020 for metal gods Paradise Lost has passed 1,000,000 plays on YouTube!


Looking back I’m still pleased with this video in most respects. It was a very quick shoot and edit turnaround. Quite stressful times but things turn out OK when the pressure is on I find.

What I really like about the music video work and format...

Is that these pieces of work get SEEN. Like in this case, over a million times. By people who care about the band and are interested. Whether or not they like the video doesn’t matter to me. I’m just intrigued that there’s an audience and they’re engaged in my work on some level.

Which is so much more than other kinds of corporate work I do - which I could slave over for weeks on end making, only for 10 internal employees and the cleaner to be forced to watch and then forget about it.

Another video I made for the same band that went live 10 months ago is now on 1.3 Million views also.
Which is bananas. I sometimes get messages from fans of the band enthusing about my work, which is a great feeling.
I don’t get that very much - so it means a lot!

With these big viewer projects though, I sometimes regret not adding little Easter eggs in my videos. Maybe a little nod to HIVE somewhere that only we know about ;)

Anyway, thanks for celebrating with me and if you’re interested in a slice of big doomy goth metal with big hooks then look no further than this..

Here’s the video Paradise Lost ‘Fall From Grace’

Enjoy and thanks for reading, @ashtv.


Congratz mate! That's some impressive numbers and it must feel nice to get that kind of response on your work, makes the blood sweet and tears actually worth it.

Thanks man! It’s really does make the stress feel worth it haha
In the middle of making these things I regularly think ‘wtf am I doing? This is shit, isn’t it?’

Reminds me of my filmmaking days. I must say I feel a lot calmer since I started focusing on writing and drawing / painting instead.

Congrats man! That's awesome!

Cheers dude!

Absolutely amazing, very congratz!

It’s pretty cool isn’t it!? Cheers!

Great to see your works are making waves🌊. More wins 🎉 ahead Man

Thanks man - gonna stay positive!

Good views of your channel. Congrats @ashtv

Thats an amazing achievement, congratulations. That would be very rewarding indeed. I get what you're saying about the corporate work for 10 viewers. that sort of thing pays the bills but often isn't as enjoyable to do. Its good that you get some freedom to be creative at times though and to work on things you enjoy more so.

Yeah there weirdly there definitely a trade off, of money vs engagement

It's a great video - not exactly PC content, have you worked with these guys before or since?? They sound familiar.

1M views is massive!

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Yeah I’ve made 4 music videos with them in total.
They seem to like my style and way of working (which I would surmise as being uncomplicated and trustworthy) - so they keep asking which is great.

They have a huge following so I’m pleased to be able to get involved. Cheers for the comment! Hope you’re well dude, and enjoying the sunshine.

Well that has cheered up my morning :) I wondered where it was going. Nice performance and very well shot. Music videos are like songs in that you have to keep coming up with new stuff and I marvel at the creativity out there. I have just not got around to doing any fancy videos for my songs, but a friend has done some cool stuff. I wish he would join Hive.


That was a nice video, and the music was very good, I can see and understand why it would get so many views. I myself have never heard of the band, but they did have a nice old/modern sound to me.

Not sure how you can describe it as nice!? Haha 🤣

Did you actually watch the video?

Yes I did watch the video, I understand how "Nice" might not be an appropriate term for the content of the video, but the style and the making of it and putting together of it was good. It took a bit for me to understand he was building a model of I suppose his child's eye, I am not sure what the significance of the burning of the eye effigy was, and then at the end, I suppose it was his last vision/thought of a child he would never see again since he was dead, the covering of his head at the end was what tied it all together for me. Sort of burning her memory into his minds eye before passing on.

Haha ok cool!
Yeah you got the vibe of it. Cheers for the comment.
The ‘nice’ bit threw me as it’s such a bleak video.

No problem, I can understand the confusion. Rest assured though when I comment I actually read or looked at the post, I know there are a lot of comment vote hunters that just pretend to read or view a post.


That's just well deserved! I can't wait to see more, congrats!

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.


Very cool, congratulation!

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