A day of cameras and directing

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Today has been a really good boost.

I’ve been out filming again after a fairly dry week or two of mainly playing catch-up in some edits, but generally filming work has slowed down.

I’ve not been posting much on her as news and updates on my projects have been pretty slow to be honest.
But I’m enjoying my time doing other bits that need sorting.

Anyway - I’ve enjoyed been out again today getting creative; this time in Sheffield at a recording studio where the band are recording.


I’ve been out filming with The Scaramanga Six - a band I have worked A LOT with over the years on music videos and all sorts.

It’s been a good day joining them in the studio, listening to them work.
Their new album sounds the nuts 😁


Here’s a video from a couple of years ago... a morbid and equally daft colourful

And then there’s this video which is a personal favourite for a few reasons, and it’s 7 years old. Wow that’s flown by! (Filmed entirely on GoPro cameras back in the day!)

For this new video shoot today, I’ve managed to get the drummer Gareth alone for a few hours, so we’ve setup and shot some interesting drum takes.


My vision for this particular video is, well, this is how I pitched it to the band “...like a collection of video clips from different times and qualities, smashed together in to an eclectic, chaotic and unfathomable artistic montage.”

I think that sums up my vision.

Executing that vision, however, is an entirely different game.
Directing something that onscreen looks simple and sets a mood, is really hard.

I mean - that’s not really news. Making videos and directing is a tough skill.

I’ve got another day filming with the band tomorrow, so wish me luck!

Cheers for reading, @ashtv


I hope you realise your vision mate. Great stuff and I look forward to seeing the finished article. Fingers crossed the filming starts to pick up for you too.

Cheers mate. I’m confident the video will come along nicely - it’s sometimes unknown quantities and time pressures that make realising what I want much harder.

Good luck Ash you gon do this!

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Thanks dude 👊🏻

Wooo love to see another Panasonic shooter!

Yes indeed, I love the GH5. Super versatile for lots of things.
However I feel my time with it is coming to a close when I upgrade fairly soon to the Canon C70. That’s the plan at least.
I’m a Canon guy at heart ❤️

I guess your a Panasonic lover too?

Yes I am shooting with the GH5s which is plenty go camera for me right now. I will eventually get a atmos recorder when I feel I need the 4k all-i.

Done with the micro four thirds format?

It’s not that format really, it’s just an all round camera that I’m wanting again. I love 4K and 180fps HD on the GH5, but the gh5 isn’t built for the kind of stuff I tend to shoot. It’s a great run and gun camera on the gimbal buts it’s no good for me really for interviews and documentary stuff where sound recording is crucial and things like ND’s are important.

I still really like the Panasonic stuff. I was tempted by the EVA-1 but that’s fairly old now and Canon are upping their game again, much like what the C100mkii did for me back in 2016.

These are all great cameras - it’s just how we use them as tools to capture what we need

I realized you've not been posting much but it is good you are enjoying yourself with other activities.
That camera of yours is very bright and sharp.
I wish you the best in this journey.

Thanks chap!

The Scaramanga Six, that's a band I need to venture with more. They have their own genre. I wonder if this influences your vision and the type of video you end up making.

On another, the Chris Catalyst album is fantastic.

Their albums are outstanding. My favourites are Songs of Prey and Phantom Head. Their most recent double album Chronica is masterpiece, but to the untrained ear or those who aren’t familiar with their style, those albums might turn some off.

But they’re are in a wood of their own.

I think their music does influence a certain visual style and also it’s down to the Morricone brothers - their visual style, attitude and approach.
They’re very visual people, Paul Morricone makes videos too and had a long past of great music videos. So it’s a real mix of things.

This video however, I want to be off the wall.

Thank you for the recommendations. I've already heard bits in the past, so I think I'll check out Chronicles first. I've just had a browse on Bandcamp.

Nice to hear that you're back out and about. I like the sound of what you are envisioning for the video. It sounds like a cool idea. Good luck!

Cheers @leaky20! Yeah I hope this video is nuts

This reminds me of two things. One I just saw earlier tonight for the first time that matches the song title perfectly.

The second is the RHCP - Dani California music video where the video progresses chronologically from different decades of music genres, all while playing the same song. Ever see it?

Awesome! Haha stabby fork indeed. Love that, thanks for sharing!

Yeah I’ve seen that RHCP video from TV when I was a teen(ish).

I must admit it never came to mind when thinking about the video I was making for this but I can see the evolving style and from-different-times thing fitting well.
It’s a fun video, although I do cringe when the RHCP are ‘themselves’ at the end haha

I’m going to play around with different formats like VHS and tape to get a disjointed feel to the clips on what I’m working on.
I like that there are no rules - just mix it up and do what feels right for the song.

Cheers for commenting and sharing dude!

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.