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Does she know?

Her face hardened in an instant but she couldn't manage to tuck in the edges of her shock in time. She thought she was alone... And of all people... Khadija! She sighed.

Does who know what?

She shot back making sure the levels of sarcasm where loud enough. Khadija smiled and her face must have reflected the obvious shock. This time because she sensed maturity in a certified loud mouth.

You can't hide it so you better just tell her. And please don't even bother denying it. It's always there when she's passing or talking. This usual hard face disappears and some indefinable softness wears it like a fitting shirt.

She shook her head in pretence.

It's good to see that you think you've figured me out but I don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

That sounded defensive even to her. Khadija shot her a rare look for one long minute and if you knew Khadija, you'd be aware she didn't have much patience with burning words and that look meant some scorching ones.

I don't care if you will agree with the obvious right now and I don't get why a proud hard head like you gets a shot at something beautiful yet you won't move an inch to grab it but kindly think about telling her. She's an amazing woman if you asked me and she'd make you happy.

How can she be so right?

Before she could polish her comeback, her mind dashed back to a story she had seen earlier on the news. She stood up slowly contemplating on her next move. The weight of not giving what she knew to be true a chance crippled her spirit.


Her feet traced Rhoda's to the coffee shop around campus where she knew she was having coffee while engrossed in a good book. She walked in and there she was. She sat across a window with filtered rays of the evening sun dancing in gold on her skin. Like some reading light, it glowed on her seemingly riveting pages.

Halfway towards her... She froze.

What the hell am I going to say now that I am fucking here? My fucking Lawd. Where the fuck do I begin? I need to stop cursing. I can't fucking curse when I am talking to her!

She shot her another glance and she knew that, that moment was it. And the fact that Khadija somehow had figured it out meant that she had to do something about it. The possibility of it getting to Rhoda before she did something about it rubbed her gigantic ego the wrong way. So she summoned boldness to face her from the bottom of her disappointed heart.

Her feet carried her to the girl who made her heart throb in such a wild beautiful way. Who made her day just by looking at her face. It was more than an attraction. Deeper than simply liking her. It was profound and she was very sure she was falling hard.

She slid across her pretending not to disturb the already smiling lass. She closed her read and moved the book aside then reached for her mug for a sip.

Hey Sam.

Lifting her mug mid air....


After a second of adjusting to her sweet voice, she nodded. It was in how she called her 'Sam' that always got to her. Everybody else referred her as Mutanziah or with her admission number. Samantha was for her mother when she had managed to piss her off.

What are you reading this time?

Chinua Achebe.

I get why you wouldn't lift your head that long now.

Shit. She thought.

I didn't know you've been watching been watching me for long...

Then she flashed her alluring smile. It felt like the sun dropped from the sky to grace her presence for a second.

Actually... I have been watching you for a while and...

Words flew out of her nervous mouth but something held some back. Why do the right words take vacations when you need them the most... she wondered for a second. But she also knew that it was too soon to heap her already accumulated feelings onto her. First things first.

Rhoda. Can you go out with me?



I am exploring stories. Come with me ♡

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Finally some fiction from you. Thats a whole lot of fs for one sentence, dont you think. This exploration is interesting, i think and leaving it like that gives opportunity for me to ponder on whether Rhonda said yes or no and what that meant for everyone. Good one @tezmel

I know right? Samantha curses alot it seems... I have been trying to purify or edit my writings and it always guides me back to less writing and it gotta stop.

Thank you for coming.

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