Demon Day - Prologue

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First things first, yes I am going to finish "Simulations" before starting a new project. I just didn't get around to writing more, as I need a certain mindset for stories, or else they'll be boring.

With that out of the way, let me explain what this post today is:

A while ago, I finished my third book. The first two have been published already by a German publisher (don't ask for their names, I want to keep a last bit of anonymity), but the third one, unrelated to the first two, hasn't been.

I don't really have the motivation to jump through all the hoops necessary to get it published (without paying money for it), so I'm considering simply putting it on the chain.@suesa

Problem: It's German.

I can translate it, of course, but that's almost 150 pages in word. It's a lot of work and I will probably rewrite some passages, making it even more work. To avoid doing that work for nothing, I want to see if you, my readers, would be interested in it.

It's a fantasy story set in a medieval world, with a minimum of magic and a huge demon problem. To give you a first impression, I translated the prologue.

Let me know what you think, if I get enough positive feedback I will start translating and hope to start publishing it bit by bit in a few months.

Prologue – Demon Day

Darkness had wrapped itself around the city of Zakur hours ago, and most everyone was asleep. Only the night’s watch was still doing their rounds on the protective walls, keeping an eye out for potential travellers.

They were the only ones able to report what had happened that fateful night.
According to their reports, it all started with a deafening silence which suffocated everything. The howling of the wind, the soft chirring of crickets, some even claim that the sound of their own breath had suddenly vanished!

Suddenly, a bright light appeared on the horizon, as if the sun was coming up – but much too early, and way too bright. A shock wave followed, devastating the ground below it and knocking people off their feet, leaving them with bleeding ears and disoriented in the best case, dead in the worst.

The king, awaken by the shock wave, called in an emergency meeting with his council and only a few hours after the incident, a group of scouts was sent out to investigate what had caused all this. To everyone’s horror, only two of them returned, badly injured and without the horses that had carried them when they left.

They told tales of horrible demons, humanlike in appearance but with skin as black as the midnight sky and smooth, featureless faces. The creatures had overrun what had once been Zakur’s sister city Bakur, but now there was only burnt ground and death. The missing scouts had been killed by the creatures without mercy.

There were no reports of any other survivors …

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Yaaaas! I am all on board :)

but I might be biased as I have read it already :D

Well, considering I might change a few details, you might get new content too.

Consider me hooked!

I think with the advent of the creativecoin people, that it might be safe for Writers to return. So I am all for it. Any serialization of a book, whether published or not would be great, I miss the daily/weekly reading of some of the past Authors I would do, and winter is coming again my favorite time to read.

I am in @suesa! I love all things medieval, as well as tales featuring devilish creatures. I already am interested in finding out what has happened to Bakur, what do those two scouts have to report? :)

Please make it happen! This is like a trailer of a movie I'd love to see (I ♡ fantasy) and boy isn't it something! I wish I knew German.

This is how much I want this, I'll be login in (something I now rarely do) daily or however many times you translate even a page just to read it ♡

I think I'll do 1 chapter/week and start after having translated a good chunk so it's on a regular schedule

Thank you. I feel like I learn a lot from you because aside from the science, you are a very good scribe and I am tarmacing my way there. Much love :)