Another soldier story, and more - Short Fantasy Story (Part 8)


We walked out of the circle of barracks shortly after noon, and I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Each of us resembled a soldier, ready to give everything for the defense of his country. We rode in a tight formation, heading south. Of course, as we got the basic informations, we only knew roughly where we were going, while the rest kept the captain to himself. The fun was evident on every face, because after many months of continuous training, we finally got the chance to leave the barracks. I rode past our magician, and little by little he became more relaxed in my company. In some of the regulars, laughter could be heard, which was a good sign. We didn't know how long we had to travel to our destination, but we were alone as soon as we accepted the joyful journey. However, when it was time to stop and camp for the first night, everyone did their duty with perfect determination. It is as if we have been in the same situation hundreds of times. We were becoming soldiers, to the core.

The wizard, myself, and two other guys from my village were in charge of the first guard, so I headed to a nearby stone to sit there and begin my duty. A wizard soon joined me. Slowly the sounds from the camp behind me faded, and everyone fell asleep, while the fire gave a slight glow, dying.

'' So, Et, what's your story? '' was the first thing he said. Although I was taken aback, I began to talk about my childhood, but left out the part about carving figures, and brought it to the point where we are now. It didn't take me long, my life was pretty simple until joining the army.

'' The usual story, I've heard similar versions a thousand times. We all have her, all of us besides officers, actually, they are from aristocratic families, I don't know if you are aware of this, and most of them have even bought an officer's rank, and only a few have earned the title. But I didn't mean that story, I meant the part you were hiding so far. Figurines. '' He said timidly, as if he feared not to frighten me.

'' I don't know what you're talking about, what kind of figurines? '' I was scared. How could he possibly know such a thing.

'' Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. But I see a lot in people, much more than a person who chooses to portray the world. That's one of my talents. Do you know anything about this skill at all? '' He said, with a smile of someone who knows someone else's secrets.

''Yes, ok, good. I thought it wasn't very smart to share it with others, only my family knew that. My father always thought it better if I kept it to myself, but he never explained why .. ''

'' Yes, clever. During my education, which was quite extensive, believe me, I came in contact with books that talk about this talent. Yours is even more special because you have never actually seen any picture of God figures. Long ago, two centuries ago, there was a school that dealt solely with this, and was as revered as the Wizards. However, after the Separation, everyone who was in that school was killed. The exact reason was never known, all the books were burned, and all knowledge was forgotten. It is assumed that one form of magic could have worked through those figures, and who knows what else. It was even said that an artist, teamed with the magic of a wizard, could do impossible things. Have you ever been questioned about becoming a Source within you? '' He said, as if he were giving a lecture. Which I suppose he did, since I had never heard of any of this.

'' This one, it looks and sounds .. complicated. I think then I'll keep it all to myself, and I ask you for the same. And no, I've never been questioned. '' I was scared, all that story scared me.

'' Yes, I thought so. Maybe you better keep hiding it until further notice. But maybe the tide of time brings some other opportunities for you besides ordinary soldier life. Would it bother you if I questioned you? There's something in your behavior that doesn't give me peace. '' He said, waiting.

'' Well, why not, come on. ''

A sense of joy appeared on his face, which quickly replaced the concentrated look on his face. I felt a new presence in my mind, as if there were some memories that are and are not mine at the same time. And I waited.

Not long after, that feeling disappeared and Eleor opened his eyes. Now he was laughing widely. '' Just as I thought. You own the Source, but it's blocked, somehow strangely separated from you. Hmmm, I'll have to think about this one more. It's weird how no one has questioned you so far. Let this story remain among us for now until I figure out a way to break that blockage. You're in luck so I taught young wizards at the Academy, so if I can get off the blockade, you'll quickly learn the basics. Don't be afraid, magic is the best thing in this world. Something cleanest. I'm going to go around the camp now, we're still on guard duty.''

I remained confused until the end of the shift, and for a long, long time I could not sleep.



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