Another soldier story, and more - Short Fantasy Story (Part 7)


Winter gave way under the rush of life that spring brought, followed by summer. Nothing changed, the life of the soldiers was uniform and nothing interesting. The only thing that got better was our skill. Not only mine, I often went to watch my comrades from the village practice under the watchful eye of their commanders, and they all prospered. Ongoing exercise brought a lot of good, because after several months of constant exercise we had to borrow new uniforms. Our bodies became stronger and more muscular. Shaped according to the life we lived.

By the time we had to go back and form new units, as the captain who had picked us up from the village had said, we were already more than capable of fighting. In each form, together, individually. But what set us apart from the other soldiers was that we had no experience. And so, in the middle of the summer, we got new assignments. All that time, something kept me off from talking about my carving of gods figures, so I kept that secret to myself.

We were sent back to the starting units, with some slight modifications. Captain Bo, he was quite pleased with what he saw, apparently, as he was smiling non-stop as he stepped between us, lined up near the barracks where we would be in the future. Each of us had new weapons, well deserved or in my case made, during training. The one that suits him best, and with which he is most familiar to handle. My skill has grown into something amazing, I could hit a one-inch size target from a saddle from over two hundred yards away. I was secretly proud of that. Captain obviously already knew all this, as he talked about each of our acquired skills long and wide while walking. The report was sent to him regularly and in detail, and in his words, in recent years, he was not as pleased with any group as ours. He also said that over the next two months, we will continue to practice and await orders from the Headquarters, which will be brought to us by one of the magicians, who will also be attached to our unit after the end of his training. Then we will be complete.

Our new unit now consisted of twenty soldiers, not counting the captain. I was the only with bow, while the spearman and soldier whose training was with the swords was the highest in number. Two more, trained to handle explosives. They were easily recognizable, by the many wounds on their hands from the preparation of these explosive mixtures. Several dozen small bottles were hung on their belts and all the while they had some strange expression on their faces, laughing at something. It is as if they have a secret that no one but them can see. But all in all, we now acted as a true military unit. As one of the many detachments we have observed marching proudly during our training.

Within a month, the horseman reached our barracks, demanding to speak with the captain. I and one of the spearmen, Mar, were on guard. I found the captain, and he immediately rushed to speak to the messenger.

'' Captain Bo, I'm Eleor the Wizard, I'm glad to meet you. As of today, I am making myself available to you. Also, I was ordered to tell you that I was here on sentence. But don't worry, you know the vows I made, and they also apply to my future unit. These are orders from the Headquarters for you. '' He came down and handed over a scroll of parchment. He was tall, clipped to the head. And young, maybe younger than me. But his eyes were deep, and vivid. He seems to have seen everything, and understood everything. There was as much joy in them as suffering. He kept himself in the military way, but with some ease that did not go so easily for the rest of us.

'' Thanks boy. '' And then the captain approached me. '' Come on, Et, get him to freshen up, he's been riding for a long time, and let him borrow the equipment. And then get together at the barracks after lunch. I'll have news for you all by then. '' And then he went back to the barracks.

I took our wizard to eat first, to which he was grateful. He was an interesting guy, cheerful but restrained. By the time we had completed our duties and returned to the barracks, everyone from our detachment had already gathered there, including the captain.

'' Guys, it's time to move. Get ready, protocol you know. Here, each of you has a list of supplies to pick up from the warehouse. In three hours, at the north gate. ''
We immediately picked up our lists, and headed for the warehouse.



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