Ordinary Quashes Evil- A short story

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Denise had done everything right. Better, she had done much more. The Director had also said as much and promised her a big bonus above the other things the company had promised. It had taken three years but Denise had been savagely focused all the time. She had joined Parteck Laboratories as a management assistant, this had been the only help the company had given her. Once in she had managed to identify the key people and those close to them. After eight months she had pruned her target list to three men. One single, One widower and One married.

Luckily the widower was attracted to her and he was one of the doctors who acted as liaison between the researchers and the directors. She had married him- Dr. Rick Maraan- and become Mrs. Denise Rick Maraan. For the next two tears she had not only siphoned information from him and sent it to the company. She had ruthlessly manipulated the other staff to ease his rise to the Head of Research. Also she had taken meticulous care that Rick become emotionally dependent on her. Using everything from office rumors to alcohol and pills to achieve her target. Now, her final job for the company was about to be completed. Rick would deliver to them latest in nerve gas weapons- a powerful and new weapon- a gold mine for the company. She had arranged for her fake kidnapping and Rick was bringing the ransom


Rick had not slept or eaten anything since the call. Denise had been sobbing

"Don't let them cut me, please Rick do something!"

Then the sound of slaps and screams had followed. And then the flat cold voice of a stranger had instructed him to get for them the prototype grenade and the research material.

"We will kill your unborn child and then we will cut a part of your wife and send you a piece. One finger, One thumb, The nose, One piece of her every week. You have two days to come."

The address was an industrial park which had been abandoned for years. Rick could not think for a few minutes. All of it seemed impossible. The prototype had passed the initial testing stage just a week before. The detailed report was still in his laptop. The weapon was powerful and in the hands of mercenaries and extremists it would be the death of thousands. Rick had just sat on the sofa in his living room unable to decide what to do. Then the picture had arrived in his phone. It was Denise, she was wearing a dirty smock, her hands were tied to something high up; she held that days newspaper in her teeth.


Rick entered the compound carrying a small box. He waited till a shout prompted him to walk into the entrance to the warehouse on his left. The inside was dusty and a few yards in, three SUVs were parked with their headlights illuminating a circular area. Denise knelt there in front of a bunch of masked men, two of them holding guns. Rick started to cry but held himself enough to say.

"Denise you are the light of my world. a gift from god himself. That headline- in the paper you were holding in your teeth. That was my guide."

Rick placed the box on the ground and opened it. He turned it around to show the men the prototype grenade.

"It said in bold black letters- Relatives mourn death of marriage party. 11 dead. "

Then Rick pulled the pin, in a few seconds every one in a radius of two hundred meters would die gasping for breath starting with himself.

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