Flashes and eye

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Bodrek is playing with his friends. He is a very humorous child. All his friends like him very much. Although often he gives a joke that makes all friends become upset because they can not tilt his mind, but all will end with cheerful laughter.
Likewise, today all of her friends were roaring with laughter from Bodrek. He gives guesses.
"Why if there are flashes of eyes we see before the ears hear the thunder?"
Everyone thinks this is a science question that must be answered seriously.
"I know," said one of his friends.
"What is your answer."
"The speed of light propagation is higher than the speed of sound so that our eyes see lightning first than hearing thunder flares."
All friends nod and agree with this answer.
"Wrong!" Bodrek said
"Impossible. Our teacher always explains in science lessons."
"But you never know the truth, right?"
"" Yes, of course we can never measure the speed of sound and light ourselves. "
"Therefore, we must prove the answer ourselves"
"Then what is your answer?"
"We always see lightning first instead of hearing thunder due to the location of our limbs."
"What do you mean?" his friends start curious.
"Do you know where our eyes are?" Bodrek asked.
"Of course it's in the face," his friend said, pointing his eyes.
"Then where are your ears?"
"This is my ear," his friend replied, tweaking his own ear.
"Well, now I explain. The position of the eyes is in front while the ears are behind. So naturally our eyes will see lightning first than ears. New ears will hear the sound of thunder after the eyes see lightning."
All friends fell silent. They feel Bodrek's answer has a point.
They then laughed at Bodrek's answer. They know that the answer is more understandable because the logic given by Bodrek becomes easier to understand.

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