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99 words daily stories!



"Hurry up!"

Dad screams while he yanks the blanket off me. My head is awake but the rest refuses to move. Thunder clouds in my head, the harsh truth that yesterday was a nightmare and today will be Hell.

"Come one honey, we can't be late for this!"

I look up at him and feel the tears burn behind my bloodshed eyes. Even my bones cry in sadness.

"Daddy, I can't do this."

I speak with dry lips before pulling my blanket back. I never felt so alone, so empty inside.


Rain falls, ashes dance, twin brother died.


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Wow! I like those lines of the poem full of rhythm with the message well passed. Sometimes, parents could be harsh on their children at time but in the real sense of it they actually mean well.

Thank you ever so kindly! :D

Love it!
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Thank you so so so much!!! :D

Very clever write up Snekky! I've always enjoyed your pieces, no matter how short (or expedite) they are :)

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Thank you ever so kindly!
You made me smile from ear to ear! :D

Thank you for stopping by and curating my post!

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Thank you so much and I sure will! :D