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Here I am again joining the fiction prompt by @shadowspub. I chose the fiction where I find it interesting to write about the given prompt.

FICTION PROMPT : Something strange is found inside an abandoned bar in the woods.

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Den decided to go in the home town of his mother after 3 months from the day of the burial. His mother was the only he had when bis father died at the young age. His mother worked hard in order for him to finished studies and to have a decent job. But after Den was working for
3 years he's mother passed. He was so sad that he didn't want to do something.

3 months passed and Den arrives at the home town of his mother. He decided to visit this place where the memories of his mother is like silhouette. He quits his job because he intended to spend longer time in that place. Also one of his mind is to work in land. He wants to take care the land of his mother and the additional lands that they bought.

From the national road the place of his mother is 3 hours away, it's located in the mountain. He remembered this place when he was just 12 years old. He visits their old home and he's surprised that still it's there. Although the wall is damage and the rooftops has lot of holes. He smiled while tears fall slowly. He remember's himself with his mother eating together. He remember those time that he was on the table while for his mother cooking. It came to his mind suddenly those words.

"It's fun living here mom even though it was hard. We were in the cuty but it's hard for us to do conversation like we used to."

Den wipes his tears and goes inside the house. His heart indeed is empty but he needs to move to live. After finding a good place where his belongings to place. He goes right away into the woods where their land located. While he's walking towards their land, only few people recognise him and say "hello."
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Den arrives in their land and lay down in the grass. He rolls and rools like a child but suddenly fall asleep. When he wakes up it's dark already. He checks the time it is already 7 in the evening. He immediately goes down because it's so dark. He is walking when he see's a light not far from the road. He's curious and walk towards thag light and he found out it is a bar.

He is hungry and he thinks maybe they offers food here. He goes inside and asks for food right away. After eating he decides to drink for a little since most of the people there are so happy to see enjoying. He is drinking alone when a beautiful lady wearing a casual dress approach him and ask him. The lady is so beautiful and look's like innocent. "Hey are you new here?"The lady asked Den and he replied with an uncomfortable reaction. **"Yeah but when I was young we used to live here. Oh by the way many is Den." ** The woman suddenly introduce herself as well and said. "Oh, forgive me for being rude not to introduce myself first. By the way my name is Rina."

After the introduction to each other they begin to talk to each other comfortably. Den showing and interest of the woman. He smiles a lot while staring the woman's face. It's been long time since he feels something like this. The feeling of being very happy. He even thinks that he's falling towards this woman. While they are talking, the woman always checking her watch because it's so late already. Of course Den notices it and said. "Is it fine to go home now because it's getting late?" Actually Den just said that as an excuse because he saw in the eyes of Rina that seems bother of the time. He doesn't want to end their conversation yet but he needs to understand Rina.

Den goes home first so that Rina won't notice that it's just an excuse for her to leave early. When he arrives at his house he forgot to ask Rina's location or mobile number. He just goes to sleep and will be back tomorrow morning.

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He woke up early but decides not to go in the bar yet because it might be close for now since it's a bar. After eating he goes to their land again where he wants to kill some time. While going towards his land he's searching for that bar he went last night. But no matter how he search around thag he know it's right there he can't find it. There's no bar but only woods right here and no houses were built. His mind starting to think unreal, many questions that came to his mind.

"Who was that woman I talked last night? What was that food I ate?"

He's starting to be worried and afraid..

to be continued..

d' dreamboy,

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