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Another fiction prompt by @shadowspub. Of course I really love fiction writing.

The prompt : # "They met on social media, fell in love with the online personna but now want to meet."

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There's a new dating app that is love by Jef. That dating app is called "stranger love app." Jef is a silent person, he doesn't want to talk too much in many people. That's why most of his time after work he spends it in social media. Social media became part of his life and it became also one of his staying platform.

He met Kat from a foreign country named Lavignia. They called each other through video call. Kat is very pretty, you can see in her face she's a foreign woman. They became comfortable to each other because they have the same attitude. They are in relationship after a month. They called each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

Their love became so warmth each day they're calling each other through social media. Luckily Jef also lives in Lavignia but in a different town. He search it on Google about the distance of their locations from each other. Then he realised it's just 100 km away by land.

Maybe Jef started to love Kat so much that he cannot take it anymore if they don't see each other in person. In their conversation he said that they'll meet in the weekend to come. Kat agrees of it because she feels the towards to Jef. They decided to meet in the park where many people around so that Kat won't be afraid of.

The day has come and Jef started his journey in going to the place. He is very excited to see Kat in person. He's afraid but at the same he's eager to see her. Jef left their house early in the morning, that's why he arrives at the park where Kat lives at 10 in the morning. When Jef arrives at that place, he send message to Kat about he's arrival. He also said that he's waiting at the shed house under the big tree because it's raining. Kat rush in and go there immediately.

Kat arrives in the park for less than an hour because it's near in their house. The heaven's so dark because it's raining. There some lightning that sounds in the sky. She's searching where is Jef. She is in the place where Jef mentioned earlier. Jef waited for an hour and Kat searched for an hour as well. They can't call each other because the signal of Internet connection is interrupted by the weather.

Kat began to cry because she's afraid what might happen to Jef why she couldn't find him. For an hour of waiting and searching, the internet connection back's to normal. They call each other right away.

"Hello, Jef.. Where are you? I'm here at the shed that you said."

"Really? I'm here as well, I'm sitting in the shed at the right corner."

Jef shows to Kat where he's sitting and Kat wonder's why she can't find Jef if that's the place where she is sitting. Kat thought it's only a movie that's why she didn't ask Jef. But Jef ask her something.

" What year are you in right now, Kat?"

Kat is surprised because that what she wanted to ask.

"Today is in the year of 2015 and how about yours?"

Jef suddenly feels sad and replied.

"That's what I thought, it's year 2020 here already Kat."

Both of them became so sad because there's no way they could see each other. They're just crying because they realised that it's only in the social media they can see each other.


thank you for reading

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