The Wil, Lil and Vi Survivors' club. CHANGED from Where there's a Will there's a Way. Part 6


A spicy smell tickled the nostrils of Vi and Lila as they arrived at Wil’s apartment overlooking the city. ‘Mmmmmm, I think we’re in for a messy treat,’ laughed Lila. ‘A hint of Mexican perhaps?’ agreed Vi. They had travelled together as Vi’s car was in for a major service.

Wil greeted them at the door not with the usual delectable bottle of wine but in a bright coloured enormous ‘tie’ around his neck that covered most of his chest. He had in his had two more and with much giggling he put the bright yellow one around Lila’s neck. ‘Oh no, so NOT my colour, but she obligingly broke into song, “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine”.’ Wil clasped her round the waist and they turned in a circle.


‘Now mine,’ said Vi with a sparkle in her eye. ‘Stripes………….glad I’m wearing a plain red shirt. It looks rather good,’ she pirouetted and looked at herself in Wil’s hall mirror. Wil kissed her on the cheek and she caught sight of them embracing in the mirror and her heart skipped a beat. She felt a blush coming on and quickly went ahead to put her garlic loaf in the pre -warmed oven in Wil’s kitchen.

It’s RIBS night to night and the women burst out laughing as the table was set with blue facecloths and bowls ready for hot water....... ‘To wash the goop off our hands as we go along,’ added Wil.

The marinaded ribs were delicious and caution was thrown to the wind as the three of them picked up the half moon bones and ate the succulent meat off with their teeth.
‘We look like a bunch of cannibals!’ laughed Wil.

‘The trick is to marinade the pork ribs for 24 hours in a mixture of whatever you have in bottles in your fridge…………..I’ve used;
Tomato sauce, hoisin sauce, hot sauce – not too much, Dijon mustard which I love, soy sauce which adds salt, a couple of spoons of honey, garlic salt and sesame seed oil.
I’m not too specific about quantities and rely on the tasting method. It must have a nice sweet under tone,’ instructed Wil. ‘Then the trick is to put them in a big oven proof pottery container with a lid and put them in the oven at a low 120C for about 3 hours. They must be very tender but not completely falling off the bone.’

‘Mmmmm,’ sighed Vi licking her fingers delicately. ‘Yes, delicious Wil, I’m just very glad we’re not in a restaurant,’ she added as she used the face cloth to wipe her hands in water that was still warm.

‘AND,’ added Wil jubilantly as the last spoonful of Lila’s Malva pudding was consumed, ‘we have our first “survivor story’ off our website!’ They all exclaimed and settled back to listen to Wil telling the story.

‘A man named Bill Wilson treated his family to a dream holiday in Indonesia in the southern area on the coast. His wife Leyla and twin little girls of 7 were tired after the long flight and they decided on an early night.
Leyla was upset about their room as they had been promised a sea view but they decided to leave it and take it up with the management in the morning.

Bill woke early with the sound of people clattering along the corridor and he was a trifle irritated as he had hoped they would all be able to sleep off their jet lag so that they would be thoroughly refreshed to enjoy their week in this beautiful place.

The sounds outside their door escalated until in frustration he put on his shorts and shirt and went out into the corridor to ask people please to pass quietly.

Total chaos greeted him.
The soundproof bedroom door had disguised the extent of the disaster that he looked out upon. He quickly woke his family and they dragged on the clothes they had arrived in and went out to see what was going on.

They walked down a passage of sand and palm tree branches. They turned a corner and from an upstairs vantage point, were aghast to see what had been an elegant foyer of the night before, was now a vast indoor swimming pool complete with big fish amongst the wrecked lounging chairs and even a motor car that amazingly enough had its headlights on.
Reeling from shock they returned to their room and followed the emergency plan that was hanging behind their door.
They dragged their suitcases along which they had not unpacked such was their exhaustion the night before.
They evacuated the ruined building to higher ground, urged on by police, rescue workers and the bedraggled manager of their hotel. He was amazingly enough also a survivor of the luxurious hotel that they had booked into.
Not many people had survived as the massive giant wave had swept the dining area and terrace at the peak of dinner time.
It appeared that the room in which they had erroneously been put, was behind a major concrete section of the double lift shaft. While they slept they had been protected from the incredible killer-mass of water that had invaded and devastated the hotel.
Incredibly, they had slept soundly and safely through the whole nightmare.’

Wil fell silent and the 3 friends stared at one another and then looked at his I pad. They saw the smiling faces of Bill, Leyla and the twins Kiki and Susan on their website under the heading…..
The Wil, Lil and Vi Survivors Club. Bill had also posted a picture of the devastated area around the hotel.


‘Wow!’ breathed Vi. ‘Alive and well and so grateful for a mistake on the booking system. Imagine being grateful for evermore that had been given a back bedroom.’

‘I just know that it is not as random as it seems,’ exclaimed Wil, ‘ not God’s timing.’

‘What a lovely story of hope and joy to kick off our website. I can’t wait to see what the reaction to this story is. I have a very good feeling about our survivors’ club,’ said Lila.

Wil had handed round small sherry glasses winking with the deep burgundy liquid. They raised them to clink softly together.
‘Survivors! Here’s to us and millions of others who also fall into our category.’

Wil organised a ‘selfie’ of the 3 of them, glasses raised, and posted it on the website.

‘Let’s see what story tomorrow brings,’ he replied quietly.


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