With You, Even in Death

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The first time he came to me was on the night of my twenty-second birthday. I had refused to have a party earlier. I couldn't bear to celebrate without him. That night, I climbed into bed quietly, my eyes gleaming with unshed tears. I was almost asleep when I heard brisk footsteps, followed by a silent opening and closing of my bedroom door.

"Frank," he whispered my name.

"Joseph, is that you?" a single tear slipped into my ear.

"Shh... I'm here as promised. Sleep now," he kissed my forehead.

At first. He visited once every week. But as the weeks stretched into months, he began to visit every night.

Joseph had to die so we could be together. I remembered his muffled screams the day I covered his face with a pillow.

"This is the only way. I'll come back for you," he had cried and begged me to do it.

I didn't understand how he would come back. I would never say no to Joseph, so I dropped the pills he told me to bring with a half empty glass of water beside him and left when he stopped breathing.

His parents told me he took his life.

Days passed. His funeral came. I waited. I feared that I would never see him again. But his whispers and soft fingers the first night reassured me.

Whenever he pulled my boxers in the dark, I smiled knowing that his death was the reason for our happiness.

Sometimes, a writer doesn't understand what she writes. This story is an attempt in exploring the bond and love between the living and the dead. What do you make of it? Tell me your thoughts.

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Love goes beyond this realm if you asked me. It thrives even in death. It's interesting... I am here thinking of how many times living souls attached to departed ones wish this would happen.

It's always good to read you💜

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We wish, always. The real question is, can we handle it? I've heard some really weird stories of the dead who visit their loved ones. Never ended well.

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I don't think that most of us can. I love my mum even in death but I would also like her to rest in peace. Yet I am interested in reincarnation and all the phenomenal that comes with it. Why are we so fucking complicated?

Reincarnation is another argument. While I can tell you it's real because I've seen it, some will say it isn't and the instances I give is mere coincidence. Yeah, complicated.

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I know it is but it's attached to death and the bereaved wishing they could have their loved ones back. It fascinates me in a very unhealthy way.

Haha. None of us is healthy after all.

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