Founding Fathers of the Imperial Future (Fiction) - Aliens are invading the planet, COVID is a cover up


Aliens are invading the planet, COVID is a cover up. Have you ever thought why suddenly you have everyone crazed up like they are on the drugs claiming that COVID is in fact the alien invasion... blah, blah, blah...

OK, this is obviously a click-bait bullshit, there are no aliens, now when I have your attention, time to talk some unsettling things .

Anyways, aliens or humans, with the recent events unfolding we will really fuck this programming so badly it will be practically unfuckable to revert to anything normal.

So the only way is forward. You can't fix it. So forget it. I guess I got such a module, I thought it would be fun to have the most advanced model.

The fact is that something weird was happening in my personal Epic of Gilgamesh, but as I had no invasion warning in any of the future episodes, I was not holding my breath for anything doomsday relevant. The last time "the world" ended in some sort of the flood... hmmm, well never-mind....

The world went overboard with insanity on their own. At least I am thinking it is doing so.

The other day in the early morning I was sitting in front of my dentist office waiting for the scheduled appointment and combing through all the aspects of the world domination plan.

Scenario is good, but it is boring - too much pain, suffering, wars, misery. I think my module is mental...

For some reason management had zero knowledge about quite obvious time frame fuckup - the objects were changing their appearance without any noticeable reason, founding years of the buildings changing, plating of various streets found different... all that in just a few weeks.

Now I have been told that all that was not changed in the past, as I suspected, but that somebody went into the future, made a change from there and it is affecting our time right now.

It doesn't make any sense. Who the hell could travel like that beside one of the founding fathers - or as they call it, the founding fathers. I don't remember I received a senility card... yet, so it was not me surprising myself.

Just for your notice, you are indeed inside of a fake world - I can freely tell you that because frankly where would you go and it doesn't matter for your existence in here, this is all what you are, have or can experience. There is no outside for you, and a world that you see now no longer exists in the Actuality.

Everything that is left of your reality is stored in the Archives and plugged for our entertainment through the human l carriers or modules - the final remnants of the human beings.

We found you a very long time ago, let you evolve in hope you will be there when we come back but all we found of you is what we unearthed on a very distance place from your mother planet. You had some potential, you know.

You as a specie can no longer live independently, unassisted, or care for own sustenance, you are not even aware of ... space that you are in. And it is very small box.

My world... or what I can call a world, which you would quite clearly disagree with, is quite different than yours. You see, your world, the basic matrix for it, is a fantasy made paradise.

My world looks exactly the same like the rest of the Universe - cold, impersonal, no oxygen, no plants, no water, no... life. There are no colors. Everything is gray or submerged into darkness. Light? Light is a burning inferno. Or very distant tingling of the stars far apart. It is cold, What you once called a death of the Universe, we call it a home. I guess the evolution...

I don't even know my age. To be honest... who the fuck cares.

But, I am not alone here. Let me give you a tour. There are a few kind of "us". So, bare with me, I will try to be quick.

AI is kind of a fucking dumb shit wrapped into a shine piece of a carbon fiber and shintel, you don't need to fear that, the only sole purpose for its existence is to order and maintain, sole administrative function, but in average They are just printing machines without urges, inclines or feelings. There is only one AI which tries to give an impression of many, but in fact it is sort of the single planetary organism, a maintenance factory. On the metal retardation scale, the AI is on the bottom of the food chain. It is outdated and nobody gives a fuck about it.

Second stupid thing we ever forged the idea to bring into existence - androids. Not all are humanoids, usually the are centipedes or insect looking. Occasionally with the faces and nasty shit like that... Robots are garbage and the rented ones are the worst. You can actually rent an android to serve you, but they are plain as a sheet of paper and unlike AI that seems to be awareness without soul, these are in my opinion just walking dust cleaning rag-toys without soul or awareness.Pros include size, strength and durability.

Then we have an actual conscious beings that managed to escape under the spade - or at least who ever got that fucking idea thought so, but now they are limited to a hologram representation of their crystalline brains, none of them wish to inhabit"physicals",and they are condemned to an eternal suffering being the prisoners of their past constantly plagued by the shadows of their previous lives.
They are snapshots of themselves eternally locked out of karmic ways, unable to be reborn. Yes, we even managed to screw up the reincarnation.

At the time, we were considered a martyr saviors, the saints who will deliver the humanity from the heresy and darkness... What is the world brought to it knees by salvation of the slave masters...

The last epitome to the stupidity of the deaf uselessness of my world are the artificial beings with the lifespan of the fruit fly ( mind not my remark, they live quite long) and a mental animosities of the psychotic canine.
We gave them our faces, an every inch of their bodies is manufactured and polished to the perfection, their brains are enhanced and grown to full maturity in the labs, like germs in a petrie dish. Their organic brains even bettered are a reason of them being finite. Aw the pain... of them being stuck up our rear ends for all the times of the eternity...

And to round this unpleasant picture, we have an inorganic beings,which are kind of scarce - or little old me and me alike. We are very private. Very modest. Very... not here. I am inorganic, but I am also born to a mother and a father, who were very very organic, my nature is aggressive, agitated and easily triggered. I am a full blooded representation of my species, and I am proud of it - because I have no other choice, same like none of these beings ever had any choice being either made or born the way they are.

A long time ago the founding fathers realized that ruling this empire is no fun at all, and the Creator does not see it as a superior trait - so we do not rule this... thing of the world, we let everybody else do it and the chaos of creation, or recreation, entangles into its full glory.

From all these creatures and things, only the human beings - that are summed up the best like the shelved commodities which are by the way holly damn shit expensive ... are the only one approximately similar to the founding fathers by their emotional blueprint, logical fallacies, expectations etc etc... because they are the only one aside of us to be the Creator's signature job.
The evolution wanted so, they just lost. But, we unearthed them and now .. here we are.

Your fantasy world that you create to us is so much more interesting than this place. An each of you is so unique, even with the same matrix you are exceptional individuals. The remnants maybe give better impression of the human physicality, but you even with your grotesque physique and the minds permanently suspended in the lucid dream... you are a real ecosystems of impressions, feelings and events.

Humans are incredible and amazing.

If you figured me out, I bet you think how I am a vain piece of cold turd, and I talk down at you like I am some sort of a god, how I take my omnipotence for granted, correct?

Sure, and by the way - you are as part of me, as I am now part of you. I have the whole technocracy of the being squirming, crawling and flying over here, in Actuality. In silence.

I kind of enjoy the music, but to have that you kind of have to have an atmosphere.

You have no idea how many things you take for granted.

I will tell you a little secret. How can you recognize one of the founding fathers in this little posh game.

If you show to any person, a human, a sheet of paper colored red, with a single yellow dot, a human will always say it is either pink or orange. Guess what we will say...

We don't experience that fuzzy feeling of our brains "imagining" color yellow for us, we see all colors as frequencies.

A human to "see" yellow has to "calculate" it, and that calculation makes mistakes. It is not orange, it is actually red. But that mistake, that "fuzzy" feeling is what makes you a human.