Fiction: Traveler in the sky - DIY Future step-by-step and how tomorrow happened (PART 2)

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I would rather be crazy, than right, but obviously my injuries, damages on my items, pain, heated space around me... etc etc... all those proofs deny any doubt... And jumping forth and back through the fabric of time, a thing I never thought to be possible, exhaust me just enough that I am not interested in debating about what is possible or not...

I writing this, bt I am not being OK. Let;s say that I had a lil accident...

I can understand the linear travel forward, but how I come back is still a mystery to me. I only know that forward is easy, while back is very hard.
Judge told me that I could have an accident and even die, and nobody would ever find me because a point of my demise might lie far in the future.
I just know that a glitch in create in present is so short possibly not even measurable.

Judge also said that the things we found that changed a few months ago, might be due to a fact that a prophecy was correct. The reason why the change happened to an irrelevant things and exactly to the things around us, or me. Me from the future - or very close to the moment of today - might travel to a past - but much further than it should have happened and left a message for myself to be found either as warning or as a solution.

A scary fact of two gian explosion that left no trace of the impact, but emitted the same mysterious heat - just like I do, but much smaller footprint compared to them - at the exact same year when changes to the objects happened to us to notice them in this time.

I have no idea what might have exploded, but I do know that those two incidents were never explained, and the signs of tremendous heat was found.

I already said that I am heated myself whenever I come back. I know it is dangerous but there is so much to see. I have no idea what kind of a crap I will do to myself. It probably will not end up well, but it is too much to just let it go...

I don't really think I deserve it, maybe that's why I go every time so poorly prepared, I am ashamed of myself reacting the way I do, it is incredibly uncomfortable, but maybe... maybe that is the only thing that makes me slingshot back instead of incinerating.

The third time I jumped I was preparing for anything, my feet and arms were wide apart, and me staring into the darkness and whatever welcomes me on that side.

Watch out - I clearly heard a man's voice - It will happen again! - he almost yelled and I heard on the other side of me a female voice cheering up...

The first words I uttered staring with my eyes wide open straight through the window was - "Is it snowing?".

They were confused, but a man said, yes it is cold and it is snowing.

In one single breath I recited my words - I am a traveler, they must have summoned me so I came to deal with their problems. I said to them I do not see or hear well, so they should speak very clear to me.

They told me some stuff, and it seems that what was just a moment for me , for them was more than long. They were observing an anomaly in their house for a very long time. They had no idea what I was, but judging on my bright colors and inertness they concluded I have to represent an arrival of something ... but they did not expect a human being to emerge from that anomaly.

They asked me a year and I mistakenly said 2020, but when they told me three thousand something, my brain stopped. I said that is impossible, not because I didn't believe them. But, because I expected to see more.

Something had to happen. The accelerated development of technology in our time is so fast, we should achieve so much more in thousand years.

My sight was heavily impacted, I saw parts of space, so I had to constantly move my eyes and tilt my head so that I somehow construct the image of the space in my mind... but what I saw was in no way all that special.

They were shocked, a thousand years oh!! - and when they saw my disbelief they turned on what looked like a very thin and translucent screen to show me the news or some proof about the date.

I sat on the floor in front of the short stand even when a woman try to roll a seat next to me to use it, and I tried to observe what they were explaining to me.

I wasn't really listening to them all that much, I knew I don't have too much time. I observed the screen. It was a monitor, fine, less energy consumption, image fluent, almost natural light, energy source must be in the stand, I didn't see wires.

I put my palms under it, like I am going to hold it, but I didn't, I just wanted to feel it. It felt cold, heavy and fine, but it was still just a screen. I didn't came for this. We don't need more toys.

I paid attention to what they were telling me. On screen description of a crime. Two persons died, their faces deformed... I asked what it is. The two people told me it is some sort of a genetical weapon, applied superficially on skin, which then changed the genetics and poisoned the victims... They know little...

Well, not much change than from today, we still make weapons.

I had nothing to see here, I told them that it has to be a problem I was destined to solve. Before they could stop me I exited their home. It was dark and cold, woman was objecting, asking me to take more clothing, at least shoes. I told her I can not, and her man took her back inside persuading her that they can't do anything or interfere with me.

I knew what happened when I tried to eat in my first trip. It ended very bad. I was still sick over it. I made sure I do not touch, wear or take absolutely nothing from the future, beside my memory.

Yeah, and multiple blunt injuries while stumbling and running into various obstacles. Not counting the uncanny slingshot back.

After a few steps I realized how cold it was so I hugged myself and continue walking.

I could see a short wall so I was helping myself with it. The street was not something that looked like built for cars, it was narrow, a few shadows that might be houses, a walking pedestrian part was wide. It was not made of asphalt. I couldn't estimate what it was.

I thought I heard the sound of the waves and I looked behind the short wall that was seperating a walking lane from the space beyond , and really there was a sea shore, very steep down, it was mostly rocks and some sand.

I could recognise there was some sort of a built in basin elevated from the rest of the sea bed with five oblate stones sat one next to another in a raw. They were decorated with something that resembled simple images.

I went down to see it, by the staircase that looked made of stone.

I thought that basin was small, but it was a very big thing, same like those stones. They were huge. I misinterpreted the distance so instead of jumping what I believe it was shallow I stumbled down pretty deep slide. I landed on my side and added more blunt trauma to my suffering limbs.

I stood up and look around and then I saw it. Just few feet away from the basin's end, a sea was vertically climbing into an invisible obstacle.

They had the force field.

I was staring at it, making sure that what I saw is correct, because my vision might be very wrong. They had a forcefield that defended sides of the sea shore from the forces of the unpredictable elements... and I came here, a visually impaired idiot, to rob them blind of their technology with... no fucking clue what I suppose to do or look for...

My vision is by the way completely normal in out own time, I have no idea why it goes to hell when I go.

The obstacle was holding all that water, but it didn't touch a seashore at no point. I had no idea what I suppose to look or get to know, I just knew I am running on a very tight time schedule.

I thought I saw a person down next to the water line, but I think he saw me first. I felt like he was waiting on me to come and talk...

Do you know that feeling when an every hair of that fine fuzz at the back of your neck turns into an ice needle and when you have this distinctive feeling that something is crawling up your tights to hook your guts and disembowel you like a fish...??

Yeah, that feeling. Authentically found in the presence of the absolute evil...

But, I didn't came to discuss right and wrong, and slobber the rule book, I came to rob the future. I didn't have time for that shit.

I made sure when I spoke out to sound as idiotic as possible, which considering to the circumstances was not all that hard, I looked like a book example of despair...

A man looked a bit odd, I couldn't really take a good look at him, as it was pretty vague illumination outside. He had this weird suit, a small firm boat barely sufficient to accommodate one single person ...

I asked him if he is going out there. He said yes, and I asked what for, he said he is going to observe sea animals. He was definitely going into the direction where the obstacle was separating shallow from deeper water.

It was not smart at all, but at that moment, that was all I had. I modulate my vocal chords and asked him if I can go with him. Without a hesitation, like programmed he said I can. He didn't even think about why he said that.

It was not exactly the most comfy choice, as I was sitting next to his feet at the bottom of the boat. He said I will not get wet, I guessed a boat has the similar forcefield technology installed somewhere...

We got near the obstacle and he leaned a boat at one side, where some sort of a beacon was. The beacon glued at the obstacle and it lifted the small craft vertically sideways and then swing it on the other side as a swivel.

I was shocked, I didn't expect it will work like this. I asked how it works, and a man said something about reverse polarity yadda-yadda, nothing useful.

We were indeed slowly sailing in between some sort of the creatures. I turned towards a man to see what he is driving a boat with. A boat controller didn't seem to have any visible steering, not like we have, he was holding a hand onto an oblate object that looked like a steering "ball", maneuvering with fingers and a boat produced no sound while moving so I had a feeling like we were in a drift.

I tried to see into the water and noticed anything useful, but instead a few blurry motions of the flippers there was nothing to see... I was really desperate. Man told me that we will for sure safely return and that I do not need to worry about the animals, they are big but completely harmless.

I saw something sticking out of the water, and I was pretty sure that should not be there so I told him to change a direction and stop pushing us towards that thing, whatever it was.

But he didn't answer. I didn't see him when he tried to reach me, or heard him. I felt him.

I twisted my entire arm in a completely unnatural motion, grabbed his chest and smashed his body at the bottom of the boat next to my leg. He lost air from the impact and the only thing I remember were his eyes. They were yellow. He had round wide head and weird chin. His eyes and mouth were opened while he was trying to breathe the air that I forcefully pushed out of him.

I pushed him deeper into the bottom of the boat, grabbed that beacon with my other hand, feeling the material that suppose to be so strong almost indestructible as he said bending under them... and then I glitched through the fabric of the space while whatever was sticking from the water stormed towards the boat to attack it.

I didn't rip just a beacon off the boat, I took half of the boats side as well.

I lifted myself on my knees at the shore seeing I am back there. I looked at my hands. In one I had some sort of a spray can with part of his glove and in another the misfortunate remains of the device that was now lost.

I tossed both with disgust and wiped my hands against my clothes like they are contagious...

I looked at the obstacle and noticed the boat hitting at it. Man was nowhere to be seen...

I stayed like that for a while. I couldn't believe it. This opportunity wasted, who knows when another.

In one hand I had this gruesome weapon. In another, a salvation. And now it was gone.

I tried to get up but my legs couldn't hold me anymore, I was dead tired, I wasted everything. I dragged myself stumbling and hitting at stuff further down the walking lane I descended from.

It was so cold. I looked up in the sky, it was snowing again, but I didn't know if my sight is faulty or the sky is always that dark.

I saw an outline of the construction. Thinking it was a house or a building I went there, but it was some very artistic piece of architecture.

It had a wide stairs and an odd vaults sticking out of it. And it was made of white bright stone.

After a few steps I noticed that stairs are warm, and when I looked up the snow was falling but not anymore inside of the space but beside of it. I guess I was inside of another force fielded space, but what it might even be...

I got up at the main part and I saw it was a big swimming pool or something like that. There were people there and for the first time the light was strong enough that I could take a better look at them.

Let's say that my appearance is rugged compared to them, because of all the things I had to endure to get there the look in my eye turned cold and cruel, and these humans if they are even that, lost so much grit till now.

Maybe they are cultivated species. With hamsters.

They had finer features, smaller noses and ears, rounder heads, different heights, but women were in general gentler in appearance, curvy and finer in features.

One of them caught my attention, a man, his skull was more elongated, more similar like ours and with appropriate features, but his hair was completely white. He wasn't albino, his hair got all that silver white for some reason. His eyes looked too blue to be natural and as I was staring at him perniciously he started to be uncomfortable.

He wasn't disturbed, just .. curious.

I guess he was entertained that I showed an interest, I was definitely something to see among them all, my features were almost beast-like. Maybe he likes raw meat too...

I hugged myself again, I saw a person opening something like a fountain with a hand, so I covered myself with my ears and went there.

I almost drank,but I stopped myself, it would be a bad idea, I was sick already, no need for more. I could taste the water in my mind. The white guy watched behind me from across the swimming pool, and I was now intrigued. I know it is not appropriate and it is a complete madness, but the lust same like the revenge and love, can be a great motivator...

I walked inside of a building but sharp pain stopped me while I was descending into it, I grabbed at the handle of a fence and slipped on a step moaning - I knew my trip is over when a pain pierced through me all the way and my mind swirled into a complete chaos and madness.

The space twisted inside out, inward and about... I was smashing through the barriers, feeling like glass being smashed through the glass, and a glass hard like marbled walls... I don't even know where from all that growling came from, I was screaming, I lost my focus and the swirl took me off smashing me against the bent space-time. I hate that term...

I don't think it is even correct. It is just bs fancy term to sound smart. And shit. You know.

I landed back in a bad condition, holding my breath and holding myself at the bedside while room was spinning and spinning...

I was in no condition to go back the next time, and the only thing I could think about is that intrigued guy on the swimming pool...

I think I have three concussions, no doubt something cracked in my skull, all my joints and bones are rattling in different directions. I think I might have internal bleeding from all those hits in my guts...

My spine hurts for days from constant beatings but now I don't even have a balance to hold me up. I don't think I will go soon, but who knows - who knows how crazy I am...