Fiction: Traveler in the sky - DIY Future step-by-step and how tomorrow happened

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It finally happened, and it is the greatest, it is the magnificent, it is the coolest shit ever, I could scream Thy name from the tallest mountain and fight all the demons in hell...

Oh, well, that came out loud.

I mean if I'm doing the stuff, gotta do it right.

The first time I remember it happened my memory faded, the events left vague and of the whole incident I remember clearly hitting the wooden floor.

Walls I saw on close were plain, maintained but old and there was a person's head nodding through the window. My vision blurred, sounds distorted, but smells and sensations so vivid...

I don't know how far I reached, in any direction, or in what direction but I know that when I stepped out of that door, there were people grinning at my direction, talking unknown language and somebody was explaining what happened...

I think a person explained that there was a loud thump and there I was. I don't know what would you think while seeing a person barefooted falling out of a nowhere.

They had no idea what to do with me, and I remember only a few things.I know there was some food and I forgot my surgeries, when I started to bleed I realised that it was not just a dream...

I know that somebody mistakenly tripped over my foot or something like that, and while helping them my necklace stuck and when I came back I found the strap broke.

The even was so weak I needed a lot of effort to keep it in my mind.

For the next time I decided to keep it together and remember as much as I can and stay as long as it is possible.
I tried too hard, so I think I didn't even end up in our time frame.

I can only tell you that from this moment onwards, nothing will matter to you anymore. It is not what you were thinking.

This time I landed on my feet not on my face in front of the guy who was sitting in the chair visibly worried. Of course he just saw a ghost, so there were a few long moments of uncomfortable silence.

I explained to him that I am a traveler, that he must have called for me and I asked him what is the problem. I told him that I have troubles hearing and seeing clearly, but I can do other things that others can not.

He was observing me from all ends, at the safe distance, and asked me how did I entered. I said that I can glitch through the solid objects and asked him again if there is any problem...

I could almost taste his marbles are shuffling while he was thinking about the possibilities and that he finds me useful...

He told me there is a huge fucking problem, some people got locked in the underground storage facility by mistake and none has a pass card to unlock the inner doors. They can blow up the external door but the inner, the massive ones are impossible to break down.

While he was walking around me, I told him that I can get inside of the storage and give card to those people to unlock the door. He noticed that my eyes do not follow him around the room, and that I vaguely react to the sounds.

He called some people in and told them to take me very carefully and very gently to the shaft. Then he handed one of them a pass card and told him to give me that.

A guy was confused but he handed a card to me, and his boss explained that the only thing I need to do is to get inside and stick that card into a device next to a door.

When I do that I should return, or glitch immediately in here to him.

Men took me down to a place that looked like a quarry in front of the small entrance. They told me that it leads sideways to the chamber where door mechanism is placed but the structure was so strong they couldn't blow it up or drill through it...

It sounded unlikely... but I decide not to question it.

I looked into the dark of a narrow place inside, where they pointed me at, and asked what kind of a storage is that? They refused to say. I asked what do you keep inside, but they just nodded that they have no idea.

I walked in and soon I passed that chamber and found myself glitched into a long corridor. Air was suffocating, hot and there were signs of the fighting...

I looked around and I was definitely sure this was not a storage, there were no ventilation shafts and the entire facility was built weird, strong, walls were made of a special artificial materials and impenetrable... It was no storage, but a dungeon.

I found people, they were in the bad condition, some injured, some worse. I smirked to myself finally. This is a dream, I said to myself, I am dreaming this shit, This is not real... I slapped myself. It felt very real.

Soon I started to sweat and gasp for oxygen same like all those misfortunate bastards stuck in there. I got to them and one took a card, went to open the inner door and contact the workers on the other side.

I was stumbling across the bodies and equipment, looking who to drag outside. After unlocking inner doors, people were told to move further back inside of a storage so that they can take down the external door.

We pulled back but oxygen was so low, that most of them just crawl a few steps, and had to be dragged into the deeper chamber by others who still had some in supply. After the explosion, we were told to get out.

I grabbed one woman to take her out, but she strongly refused. I told her we have to go, she is going to die. She told me that I do not understand and pointed at the wall behind her. It is not a wall, take a better look - she told me.

The wall extended into an elongated cuboid object made of the same material as protective walls and corridors, but black. It looked like a marble block and it was huge, stuck into a mountain side live rock like a chocolate stick into an ice cream cone...

It is not a block of marble, it is a sarcophagus, something is inside, I am not leaving until I see what, woman said. I told her ok, we will, but we have to get you out or you will die here. She said again no, they were fighting about that and majority decided to blow the entrance completely and bury it... they will not risk to uncover it.

She told me that they were locked in purpose after they figured out that something is getting buried and not built.

By the time she told me that, the others gathered around us and confirmed they were left to die in purpose, some were asking am I sent to check if everyone is really dead. They asked me how did I entered and how did I manage to find an entrance in here in the first place. One man said, wait a second and waved a few times in front of my face. This woman is blind! He yelled to others.

There are no blind people here, others started to chant around him. Have you stole a card? - the murmur of many people became stronger and louder as oxygen started to slowly entered through the blown up escape the workers made on the other side.

I never saw her here, she must have come from outside and stole it from the fucking bastard ! - other angry voice continued - There are no people of her age among workers - I felt someone's breath at my face - Darling, do you have a family here?

Leave that fucking thing - I heard other voices though the crowd - You crazy bitch - a male voice was dragging that woman away from the object while she was kicking and screaming - It is not worth your fucking life - voice was fading, I guess they managed to drag her away.

Tee sun is coming up, we have to go!! - I heard another voice announcing the sunrise like it was a calamity, repeating it in panic.

I sended outside carried by the crowd and I saw that man who gave me the card being dragged out by a few thugs , the angry mob didn't stab or shoot him, they started hitting and kicking him while he was rolling in the dirt.

Leave him, get inside! - people were shouting and a few took me under my arms to take me into a bunker. But I stopped, and they no longer could move me. Suddenly they start running and closing the hatches on the bunkers.

I took a look around, trying to figure out what is actually going on.

I was not in the place that looked like quarry, the entire ground as long I could see was scorched and a culprit was nothing less but a sun. I looked up, but sky was not brim in morning gloss and a sunrise didn't create a bath of lovely colors...

I saw few heads watching me through the narrow bunker windows while they observe the space around me boil, air became useless and the last thing I heard while watching fire engorging upon barren land was my own words merged with their boss's screams.

SHIT! - I came back abruptly, shaking, sweating and week... - I have to go back! But this time I will stick to it awake.

I did but...

I ended up in some room and there was a blond woman taking care of some clothing while kneeling at the floor. She remarkable resembled my mother and the room looked like a place where we have once lived...

I instantly knew what this was about, and highly amused asked her if she colored her hair... she answered she did not and her hair started to change rapidly. But when seeing how entertained I am with her presence, the apparition suddenly gounted, aged and turned into a oil painting hanged at the wall.

Humans are not meant to live forever - a voice spoke to me.

Well, luckily I am not a human. And neither are you . - I spoke back.

Aw, really - an invisible man continued.

I walked out at the balcony - You made yourself quite a place here - I said smirking - too bad everything is placed into an incorrect order.

Is it? - a voice continued, trying to pretend ambivalence.

I expected you will try more. - I continued - You are quite lame.

Try what? - invisible voice continued monotonously - I don't think you understand what this is.

Aw, I do. Let me break it down to you. Because I think you are confused - I cleared my throat - You have been assimilated. Do you want me to demonstrate it to you? - Voce grundled something - Can you open your eyes? - No reply - Can you wake up? - No reply - Can you walk out of here? - Nothing. - I will now show you how you can get out of here - I pretended that I have a button in my hand and pressing it - Now get out!

The entire space around me disappeared leaving me to hover in the void almost in the similar way when a dreamer is falling asleep or waking up, but not quite...

Surprise number two - I continued to the invisible voice - You still can see me and hear me even when you exit your meditative state. I am sure you now understand ...

I came back and was more or less ok but very thirsty and incredibly hungry...water, water, water... I growled at the sink while drinking.

Man that was thick - I thought to myself - THIS WAS THE COOLEST SHIT I HAVE EVER DONE.

Now where is my Ouija board, cursed dolls and magical cards. Time for some serious shit.

Cover image: made by me in Artbreeder, GIF is called " I am not the only one who saw this". It is used as a cover animation for my Upbeat Pop Bootleg in previous music post.