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-So, how it went? - Carl asked me, but my face was telling him pretty much everything. - Fun guy, huh?
-He told me to mind my own business. -
-Well, then mind it and leave him alone. - he looked at my reaction and then continued - At least... at least UNTIL he decides otherwise.
-I just wanted to check if he is ok.
-Last time you did something, he thought you are torturing him.
-Yes, a genius.
-Admit it was uncomfortable for both of you.
-You said an unknown DNA, I thought it was something dangerous.
-He could manage it on his own and you already done it before I said anything.
-It put me in bed for a day, hell he could manage it.
-Look at him... he looks perfect, nothing wrong with him.
-I am just worried...
-You are always worried...
-It is just the thing that I have odd dreams.
-And that is strange?
-No, just they are odd. And the last few days I have this odd feeling.
-So, what Nervy has to do with that?
-I have a feeling that he is having the same dreams.
-Spying again? - Carl giggled and rose his eyebrows a few times in a funny manner - Ok, I will not ask what you dreamed... just know one thing, I am here for you, I am not leaving anywhere. Carl is forever - he grabbed my hand and shook it.
-Yes, Carl is forever...

I spent a very disturbing night being unable to properly fell asleep, I had a short nap and then I was awoken by this strange sound. While I was opening my eyelids slowly I felt a slow stream of air being pushed into my face and nostrils. My eyes were teary and sleepy and the first thing that I noticed was some sort of a breathing oxygen mask placed above my mouth and nose, and a pair of huge almond-shaped black eyes mounted on a strange doll-like flat face that was so white that I thought the eyes were hovering in thin air.

I blinked a few times to clear my vision and then the face broaden up into a wide jar, thin mouth, thick neck, and a huge skull. I twisted my neck trying to recon what a hell is happening, when an upper teeth of whatever was staring into my face fell out in the manner similar to a shark bite showcasing small but sharp line of the miniature teeth closely resembling ones of the fish and an approaching imagery produced long metallic growl accessorized with strange cricketing sounds.

A breathing mask disappeared from my face and after a deep inhale my surprise growl was stopped half-way; the air was heavy, suffocating, hot and my lungs run out of gas to fuel the scream. My body was soaked in sweat and placed lying down with both forearms stuffed through the wide metallic hoses with small tubes going out of them.

Look who is back!! - a creature whose head was wobbling above my face pulled his teeth back inside of his mouth and spoke with the same metallic cricketing voice. - Missed me!?

Cover Image attribution - free cover art created by Canva

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