ADSactly Fiction: Soldiers Cry At Night

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Soldiers Cry at Night

The soldier crossed the streets, in the gloom of the night. He was carrying a 5-year-old boy in his tired arms. Although every step hurt, he tried to go as fast as he could. There was a smell of death on his boots, a smell of blood near his chest. He looked at the pale face of the child who was breathing like a wounded bird, a dithering machine, the sound of a clock about to die. The land that sleeps on the other side of the border will be the salvation for the child, he thought as he hurriedly walked. There he will be accompanied and he will surely find his family. I will take you there," said the soldier aloud. As if he wanted the child to hear him or maybe heaven.


The soldier continued his march with his load in his arms. He observed that over the faint fog hidden by the trees, the spectral figures of the branches stood out as if they were ghosts on the lookout and thirsty for life. Twenty years were enough for that prosperous city to lose all its people and become a stone skeleton. Houses and buildings, erected in the good times, were now abandoned and slowly melted in the dust. With each stumble, the soldier grabbed the lighter child stronger, as if blood and life escaped them through the hole in his chest. Hold on a little longer, little friend, it's not time to die. Tomorrow I compared a toy for you to play with. said the soldier almost in the child's ear.


And the soldier continued talking to the boy:

_You know, I have three children. All of them grown up, bigger than you. I have a house with a big patio, I also have a dog. You know? -My children went to another country, with their mother. They said that this country was a country of broken people and that if they stayed, what they would do would be to pick up the pieces of the people and the country and unite them, glue them so that they could exist. And you know what the hardest thing in the world is? To make something work after it's broken, shattered. Now I'm alone, I hardly go to the house and I'm not going to see the dog either. I think I'm going to see him tomorrow. If you want, you can come with me. I'm sure the dog will be happy to see a child in the house.


The soldier was the ruinous image of what should have been a man's monument, but now it was only human misery exposed to abandonment: his cracked and flaccid skin, yellowish, with a beard for many days, red and dark eyes, a leaning and hunched body. But it was the way he carried the child in his arms that caused the most astonishment. There was never in the face of a man so much sadness, so much worry, pity and orphanhood. The helpless soldier looked at the child every second feeling that death was coming after him. That's why he walked fast, or at least that's what he wanted. But in an instant he looked straight ahead and then under his head, the boy took his last breath. In the middle of nowhere, the soldier shook the boy, shook him, held him in the air for a moment, but nothing. The body without vital signs looked like an angel's feather.


The soldier continued walking in the middle of the night. After so many battles in the past, with the latter he felt that his legs were weak; his eyes became cloudy and something like a stone struck him in the chest. He swallowed and felt something close to his throat. He thought the whole journey had been useless to the child, not to him, because for the first time he felt old and defeated. A drizzle began to fall and abundant tears came from the eyes of the man who stuck his face into the wet hair of the child. So it was for a long time, boy and man were one shadow. After a while he continued advancing.

The next morning, the soldier arrived at the abandoned cemetery with the child still in his arms:

We arrived, I told you I would bring you. Here you will be with your family and also with my dog. I told you that my house had a large courtyard. Don't worry, I'll stay with you. I'll take care of you. I had some children, but they left. They say everything here is destroyed. And I think so, because right now I feel that my legs are missing and that since last night I lost my heart.

The soldier entered the cemetery and they say that since that day he never left.

Written by: @nancybriti

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A story both beautiful and very sad. How easily the soldier found a deep love for the child! How tenderly he carried both the dying child and vibrant hope! How terribly terribly sad he thinks of a cemetery as his home, home to so many of the creatures he has loved. The suggestion that he died there of love and grief is difficult to bear. How ever did you write this? I would have been sobbing the entire time.

Beautiful and moving story, allegory of a destruction and a drama that surrounds or inhabits us. The recreation of the situation narrated - the attempt to save the child from the soldier and his defeat - is told with a suffering spirit, although finally resigned. Thank you for that beautiful text, @nancybriti.

Thank you for your reading and your comment always accurate and intelligent. Greetings, @josemalavem.

Liked the story. Seems the man had a prosperous life before being a Soldier.

Though there are some parts I didn't understand...

Tomorrow I compared a toy for you to play with.

Compared ...?

I'll buy! Thank you for the correction. Greetings ;)

Nice tragic but ended in victory

Like many things in life!

Beautifull all

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I'm glad you liked it!

A post is written with a lot of thought and a good heart. I love the writing style and the way the feelings are expressed. Keep up the good work boss!

Thank you for your comment! As a writer, I appreciate it. Greetings

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@nancybriti, Some aspects are so painful that no one can imagine. Most of the times we think that Soldiers are Stone Hearted.

But that not the case, they also hold the same emotions just their training teach them how to control their emotions, but some emotions cannot be controlled by any Training.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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