Curry Chicken to mi ting!

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. Greetings reggaemuffins ,foodies and Steemians all over the globe. Rumours of my disappearance are greatly exaggerated. As Admiral Bailey would say”Unnu tink mi dun? mi just come.” I’ve been trying to set up my YouTube Channel here
And my podcast yah so
I have a lot of food and stories to share but not all today. Today I bring you some curry chicken (that’s how we say it in Jamaica. If you say it any other way , we immediately identify you as from another place.
h0sr8f.jpg This is our finished product. How did we get here?
1st - get some chicken (your favorite part ) hau1kh.jpg
I like the boney parts or cartilage sometimes.
I went a bit further and added a little bit of beef(not necessary).

  1. e3jesv.jpg
    I believe the taste is in the herbs and spices (how many do you recognize?)
    Season that meat m8! Let it marinate a bit too. While that is happening

  2. 9ebngg.jpg

Cut up some onions, garlic , tomatoes or your favorite curry compatibles.
Also prep additional herbs to build up to the perfect taste.

  1. r5a57z.jpg
    Put on a deep frying pan (I love my pressure pot).
    Add a bit of oil - make it really hot. Add your meat (if you are vegetarian- do potatoes 🥔 in cubes= magical)

  2. You can add the curry powder before you put in the meat and let it burn in the oil. After is also good. ebbeth.jpg
    Add the fresh herbs and seasonings bit by bit from hardest to softest and let that simmmer.

  3. I usually add a cup or two of water or coconut milk . Depends on what I feel for.

  4. Add salt or taste maker to your liking

  5. I like a kick in the pot so my scotch bonnet powder participates in this dance if kids are not going to partake. You could always add your pepper sauce later.

ur1oot.jpg I like my curry thick and nice. Goes well with brown rice or white (only time I’m inclined to eat white rice)

Get your favorite drink out (what’s in my cup- stays in my cup)

Add a green salad if you so please and bob’s your uncle! mzo28r.jpg
Until next time! Nuff respect!

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A Japanese curry chicken dat? 🤣

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No sah!!! Straight out the island kitchen!


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That looks spectacular...
Mixing red meat and chicken is something I do a lot. I used to make publications of what I cook often, but I gave it up...
After seeing this, besides wanting to try it he he
makes me want to do some posting about it.
Great friend @missaj

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Come on now- share that food. Foodies unite

Ok ok @missaj, about the woman's day, I'll prepare something different. My wife is working and I'm free, with time available to create something different than usual.
Then I'll submit it for expert review.

We are waiting for it!

You don't have to wait anymore, I've already posted something I prepared yesterday... see how you like it @missaj

Dried scotch bonnet powder, how'd I miss that?

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I missed it too but a friend was kind enough to introduce me to it - excellent addition to the herbs cabinet.

very nice :)

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Thank you 😊