We Had a Good Run ~ 1 Person Can Only Do So Much

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Once again I am truly sorry for the delayed update and sudden stop to the food flingin' madness. With only one person trying to contain this Food Fight, things just became too much. Amongst all the other stuff I have going on, this is something that has to get put on the back burner for now. Hey what can I say, I am a busy person and I tend to take on more than what is typically comfortable for most people. Sometimes its even too much for me. So that is why the Food Flingin' weekly contests have stopped for now. I just don't have the time to do it and put 100% effort into it.


I am hoping that sometime later the Food Fight can get back to its weekly scheduled madness but for now things are going to be on simmer. All Hive and HBD will be powered-up and all Foodie tokens staked. I will be following the @foodiesunite vote trial to help curate all those foodie posts and keep my Hive Power and staked Foodie tokens in the food loving community.



To all You Food Lovin'
Food Flingers


I look forward to being able to fling food once more someday (on Friday that is) @jlsplatts, you gotta take care of you in the meantime. Be well my friend

You’re how many people, one? Something’s fishy. 🤔

I do have split personalities...

It was a good run, #fff was my first contest and just loved the crew AND the BELTS.
Thanks for all y’all did .
So much fun.
Now slow down, go fishing 🎣

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