Food🍳Fight♨Friday: Eggs Day😁

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hot rice, fried egg with chilli paste and tofu in sweet sauce, my lunch and dinner

Hellow Fellow Chef Contenders😉

The sweetest chef (ask @dandays why?) Is back to the #fff and @foodfightfriday to mess up with the kitchen utensils and licking the plate clean😉. Im already in food coma, so.. don't make my belly stuffed with yours too😂.

it's friday and I always forget to bought something to cook for friday, when the veggie seller arrived so late 😢😧. Friday is a special day for the muslim, the man will go to the mosque earlier to do jum'ah pray and the veggie seller who is a muslim would stopped by in front of my house around 13.30 which means we will have our lunch at 3 pm😁

I only have half cabbage and 1 wrinkled carrot from wednesday and 2 square tofu from thursday😊. It's not enough for our lunch and dinner, so the emergency plan should be applied! I will never run out of chicken eggs😉 because My FIL has it at our shop. So, I can say that due to my ignorant of staked the material to cook like chicken meat or fish meat, eggs always the saviour of friday!

crispy fried egg on last friday

I can make an egg soup, but it will take sometimes while I have a lot of accounts to play on steemmonsters😂 so I just fried the egg which we call it as "telur mata sapi" or cow's eye egg .. uhmm I dunno what the right word in english for it.. it's not poached egg, though😀

the cow's eye egg in homemade chilli paste

Then I realised that My FIL loves his meal not too dry😊 so I cook the tofu in sweet soy sauce, he loves tofu and it's a must have on the table everyday😉.

the simpliest way to proceed this is prepared the boiled tofu and cut it in the shape you like, stir-fry the mashed onion,garlic, pepper, candlenut, tomato, nutmeg and ginger in 2 spoon of cooking oil or margarine, don't forget to add bay leaf, clove, cardamom and star anise to the taste. Add some water, let it well cooked before you add the sweet soy ketchup and if you like it the oyster sauce too

Fried onion will be the last thing to add when you serve it, if you have it😉.

what about the veggies? Didn't you said that you always have veggies on the table too😯?

Okay.. I don't think I can prepare something better than cc-fritter aka Bakwan😊!

I sliced the cabbage and grate the carrot then mix it with the instant fritter's flour, add some water and fried it! It's quite soft for my toothless FIL and always My Hubby's favourite

Well done😉 and the veggie seller calls me out right after I put the dirty pan on the sink😂 He needs to keep going today..I pass!


not more than $2 to prepare this foods and the hot rice already stand by in the rice cooker too😉 for 3 person and 2 times meal.

That's it.. that's how I save My Friday! But sometimes, when we already emptied all the plate but still craving for food to feed the things in our stomach😊 there is optional food to wait.

Chicken Satay or Sate Madura by Cak Jafar😁

Not a healthy midnight snack😊 we seldom buy it, except when my hubby sees that the seller looked so sad because he still has a lot of Satay to sell and it's almost time to head back home. Having this satay around midnight means I will have more time to play steemmonsters😂 I need to wait at least an hour before I go to bed with my stuffed stomach, totally a food coma!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!


Happy steemitversary the 2nd to me! Too bad.. I can't attach my #fff belt here, esteemapp just not supports it😂

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Because you got a huge heart I can feel beating all the over here in England! In between Steemmonsters you still manage to make a mess with us. Your typos are sweet because I coudn’t get away with them myself but they’re not typos when English isn’t your first language and you taught yourself how to write it without even using an app! I need an app sometimes for English and I speak the frikkin thing!

Now that I know the Muslim men are away on Friday’s, I know why we see less of you here—Steemmonsters! You ride around on scooters, you’re the only girl amongst a bunch of fellas, only sweethearts can pull that off, you’re just the sweetest chef, @cicisaja.

Oh, and you can whip lunch and dinner for two bucks! And the use of your emojis have always been the sweetest.

Happy Friday sweetest chef, it’s always a pleasure to see you.

Thank you for the explanation 😉 I am quite busy with the game (playing 25 accounts is exhausting😂 but fun) the muslim men go to the mosque for 1-2 hours during the jum'ah pray.. it's an obligation pray for the men.

So you are back to England?

Yes, back in sub temperatures! I’m such a California sissy. England was not the plan, we were going to stay south for these winter months but Pura got sick, we’re here handlong that and, well, we had to get jackets! It’s so cold here, Cici.

You’re the best, @cicisaja!

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