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Grandpa Gotta Eat—Food And Sports

in fff •  8 months ago 

Welcome to #sportstalk Glen :)

The price of food at sporting events is certainly worth discussion and is generally hugely overpriced, and that includes the refreshments.

Have a good weekend :)

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Hey, @abh12345.sports

Well, thanks for the welcome. I've nearly created a post or two a couple of times during the season, but as a fan that is more superstitious than I ought to be (and not nearly as fervent as I used to be), I didn't want to jinx anything. As it turns out, the Ducks don't need me talking them up or down. They pretty much do whatever it is they're going to do on their own.

However, food and the price of it seemed like a decent topic to get my sportstalk feet wet with, and since the Ducks won, and won big against the odds, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Now, they'll probably get clobbered in the Rose Bowl. :) At least there's one more game to watch them play in this year.