no man is ever wise by chance

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The important wisdom gua lands in my guest room; the room that my roommates get. For now, it’s my reading and writing room. God willing, it will remain a guest room. I put my request to the universe to grow my teaching practice and opportunities so I can enjoy my home and afford it without needing to go on a cereal diet. I’ve armed this room with books by Robert Kiyosaki, Eckhart Tolle, as well a copy of The Princess Bride. This section also known as skills and knowledge lands on the immediate left corner from the front door.


Last week, I worked on the right side of my home. This week I bring my feng shui book to the left side. I will work on the middle in the end. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed using this room. I used to keep a console piano in this room but I moved that little-not-so-little piano to my bedroom.

The skills and knowledge room when I used it as a guest room / practice room was a comfy thinking space.


And then my roommate had his own interpretation... It’s always baffled me how comfortably people can live amid disorder and chaos. I have this voice in my head always having a go at me to pick up after myself. It doesn’t let me leave home unless my bed is made and it doesn’t let me go to sleep until all the dishes are clean and put away. It’s relentless. Obviously, my former roommate did not have the same going on for him.


The wisdom room is back to being a sanctuary... As much as I enjoy meeting people who briefly come as a roommate, I’m a little afraid after the last roommate gave me a healthy dose of reasons to fear strangers. And with coronavirus, I don’t want to feel like someone’s mom making sure they don’t bring lethal germs into the home.


Why put some love and order into the wisdom room? If you want to make better decisions, be a better and creative businessperson, and tap into your inner wisdom, this is a room that you want to take care of. You don’t want this room scattered with empty pizza boxes, drugs, or mess. You might as well brand a capital L on your forehead. Make that two L’s for LAZY LOSER.

The power tools of the wisdom/skills and knowledge gua are the color blue, books, light, and symbols for wisdom and thanksgiving. Hazardous materials are clutter and things that make thinking go wonky.

I’m heading toward my future on purpose. Room by room, I consider my intentions for different areas in life. With each decision to move or place things, I place what I declare for myself and my future. It’s a fun game while creating order, much more fun than simply cleaning the house.

I care about my relationships, my creativity, and that every small interaction outside my home begins with how I live at home. No one is ever wise by chance. It’s practice like playing the piano, finding mistakes and making corrections. It takes a while before everything plays out exactly the way you plan.

I’m having fun moving stuff around at home, changing up the energy, and making clear plans and intentions towards my future. If you want to play with your home too, I can’t recommend a better book. Stay tuned. Next gua I will work on is family.


Have a great weekend and don’t forget to move your clocks.


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