neat freak day - feng shui project hits the kitchen

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There are a lot of helpful people in my life whose kindness makes me feel not alone and light my path in small and big ways. I wrote every single dear person’s name on a piece of paper and put it in a silver pretty box. Everyone from my mom to my piano tuner had their name written down. I even named my Steemit community, especially my socalsteemit friends. Their encouragement and fun company during meetups make my Steemit experience meaningful. Affirmations and mementos were also included.


If you don’t want to feel alone in the world, putting some love into the helpful people and travel gua of your home will lighten the weight of your world. Today, I tackled part three of my feng shui project. Where exactly is this section of your home to enhance bringing opportune moments and a pace of life that moves smoothly? Stand at your front door and look to your right. The helpful people and travel gua is on the immediate right hand side corner from your front door.


I cleaned, disinfected, and detailed the kitchen today. It took longer to do this one room than the other two I’ve completed, taking several trips to the outside trash bin. I habitually have taken out the trash every night before I learned it was bad feng shui to have a trash can in the helpful people and travel bagua of a home. My last roommate hated taking out the trash daily and bought a huge trash bin that became the ugly centerpiece of the kitchen. It was the first time in all my years living here that a trash can was an official piece in the kitchen. He filled that thing to the gunnels, piling pizza boxes on the floor beside it and took the trash out once a month or when I had specific friends over. Arrggh what an energy to wrestle with in my own home. My sweet friends who visited for dinner would do the dishes and take out the trash unasked. Despite, dealing with an opposing energy at home, I’m grateful that my helpful people gua wasn’t totally undermined. This year I’d like to travel. I haven’t left the country in a while though I visited family in Florida and Washington State. Plans to visit the Philippines to take my grandma’s ashes home and Thailand for fun are being put aside because it’s too dangerous with the coronavirus about. My intention for safe and healthy travels are being set down though as I tackle the kitchen also known as the helpful people and travel gua.

I took out germs with a steam cleaner and rid the kitchen of junk and old stuff. I love the new floors I put down last month and with everything much more sparkly and clean, my kitchen looks happier. The fridge was a monster. My former roommate left food behind and my mom has been giving me loads of oranges from her backyard garden, more than I can eat. But I felt triumphant in the end. I went on neat freak beast mode. I put my intention forward for a vibrant future and finished off some peach moonshine that a friend gave me as I completed my project.

The right hand side of my home is feng shui’d. My relationship, creativity, and helpful people and travel gua has been revitalized and meditated over. It concerns me a bit that my relationship section lies outside of my home BUT it is a garden that I dearly love.


Part four of my feng shui project is getting my wisdom gua filled with intention. This is my guest room or roommate room. I want to amp up the room and super charge it. It’s already very pretty. Story forthcoming. Stay tuned as I continue moving my stuff in order to change my life.



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