Eagles Dinner ~ Feathered Friends

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Alaskan eagles playing tag
with a hunk of meat!


Someone found what looks
like a hunk of roast.

Photos taken near the dump!


So close they look like one
eagle with four wings!


And the winner is!


Closeup of the victor with his spoils.


Must find another snack.


This bird was to late for
the dinner date.

I love the new tag
name @melinda010100!



#featheredfriends by @melinda010100

Feathered Friends
More information can be
found here • Feathered Friends!

Everyone's #featheredfriends
postings in order.
Link scrolls back many feathers ago.


Thank you @otage for the cool street name!


Photos & words by @shasta Nov 14th 2019 8:28 PM O'rock Alaska

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Wow! I don't see things like this around here! Great shots!

Thank you @rossfletcher! :-)
This was one of those times we were so lucky to
catch, blue sky and some big bird action! lol

They're great!

Fantastic photos! You really get a good sense of their massive wing span from your photos! and look at you changing your signature banner to Feathered Friends! I do like the look of that!

Thank you so much @melinda010100! :-)
It is shocking how huge these birds are when that close!
This was another one of those very lucky moments!
Wow where did the week go!! lol
Only had to change a few letters ;-)

Resteemed and sent you an email.

Powerful, magnificent birds with massive wingspans! Love the way the eagles stand out against the bright, cobalt skies. Excellent captures @shasta

Thank you @ninahaskin! :-)
They are so amazing up close like that, most the time
tho they hardly stand out with grey skies lol

Love your eagles ./.Last shot a classic :-)

Thank you so much @manorvillemike! :-)
We've not seem them again like this, sure was
amazing that day. Hope your kitties are doing better?

Thanks just posted news on the cats..

Hi @shasta,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

Thank you very much @dpet! @kona! :-)

Wild beauty! Amazing birds 🦅

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Good evening @apnigrich! Thank you :-)
They sure are special to see and they are
back again in numbers for winter.


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Thank you @raymondspeaks! :-)