Time flies faster than birds

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Time seems to fly so fast in these last weeks; I don't think I ever posted this little since I started using the blockchain, but life is made of priorities. Let's see if things start to go back to normal, a lot of things seems to be in motion these days, such as a new project called DNA (Densifying Nature-Appreciation), and I do want to keep up! In the meanwhile... writing about birds always feels right!

Not only waterbirds were seen during my stay at Italy. So, this post is for the other ones; the little birds (and some not so little), that sometimes go unnoticed, even when they´re just by our side. I said before, the amount of different species that we are able to see on a nearly daily basis is a lot higher than we would think possible.


White Wagtail / Alvéola branca (PT) - Motacilla alba

The white wagtail is one of those. They are really common, and really easy to spot. As the name implies, the big wagging tail makes it very hard to confuse with any other bird; apart form other wagtails, that is. There are big number of species, but the colour pattern of the white is distinctive.


You’ll see them easily walking and wagging around near urban areas.

And since we are far north in Europe than in my home country, the carrion crows so common in Portugal are replaced with the hooded crow.


Hoorded crow - Corvus cornix

A few years back, they were thought to be geographic variations of same species, but that changed. And I have to say I like the colour pattern of this species more.


It maintains the black head, but the grey on the body makes for a grey contrast. This one was seen during a hiking trail near lake di Como, but it’s fairly common to see them on urban parks as well.


As for these little ones… I was thrilled to see them! I probably looked a but crazy standing in the beautiful village of Bellagio and staring at a tree with such an amazing landscape all around… but it had been AGES since I saw a long-tailed bushtit!


Long-tailed bushtit / Chapim rabilongo (PT) - Aegithalus caudatus

They are somewhat noisy and normally found in groups, and they’re not shy at all! They are tiny and with a long narrow tail, and the only problem here… was taking a decent photo!


And why? Because the little devils hardly stand still!! Jumping from twig to twig, and while my camera focus… they’re gone, of I’m left with a blurry photo.


Luckily for me, I’m patient, and still managed to get a few kind-of-decent shots!


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It's very true, we have a very huge numbers around us and we never notice.
Beautiful post 👌👌 Thanks for sharing

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Wonderful photos and a great selection of #FeatheredFriends!

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