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RE: A tricky morning!

Wow! You have indeed taken on a lot of work and yes, it can interfere so much in a person's lifestyle.
Just be very careful of burn-out, as we had it twice and it almost finished us.
Now I work at a more leisurely pace and I don't allow myself to get tired or upset anymore.

Oh yes, I thought that something with the curation had changed and strange that adalger didn't notify me. The new one, or someone has now curated my latest post and let's hope that things will be back on song, as I work from my own account in the shares on twitter.
Thank you for mentioning it to the new person my friend.



The burn-outs should not be taken lightly and my job is pretty stressful. I am more concerned nof to burn-out there. ☺
Still, I have two hours and half each day to commute and this is the time devoted to Hive.

Now the holidays started and for few days I will be mostly out, enjoying the warm and sunny weather.