A tricky morning!


We have rain on the way and this morning started with a bang. Rain is coming and the animals and birds have to eat.

I will show you a variety of photos here today and now later on, the clouds have taken on some interesting formations, as they dance in the winds.
A day of rest and peace that we wish upon each person and your families that read this post.
Come and see.

This was at the start of the morning, as a Sparrow Hawk landed here.

And of course the small birds scattered all over the place.

Fleeing for their lives, but thankfully a crow (1st photo) came in to chase the hawk away.

We had one of those weird and beautiful sun rise days.

Sally, our local Egyptian goose in the previous photo had warmed up and she took off.

Sally landed on another roof and she formed a nice background for the two Cape Sparrows here.

This is our day thus far and I am hoping that it will clear up a little bit, as then the sparrow hawk will return so I can get him in flight.
The sparrow hawks fly very low at roof height on full speed and it is difficult to get them on camera, but not as difficult compared to getting a dragonfy in flight.

In fact, I got two mating Damselflies in flight yesterday.
Check this out.

And That's all Friends.

Note: All photos are my own and taken with a Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

We hope that you have enjoyed the story and the pictures.

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Would be great to see the hawk in flight.
I spotted an eagle the other day, high above in the sky.

Oh yeah, I can get them up high in the sky, as I am happy with the Super Zoom on my camera.
Here's the moon that I took with the zoom last night.

So, if I can get the moon, then I can get the eagles at almost any distance, depending on the light of course.


Ah, the Moon. It was another passion of mine. I must admit that cameras do great deal and can capture details of the Moon so well. I have not put the telescope outside for quite some time. I loved observing the craters.

Oh yes, the moon has always fascinated me, but being human, I now crave to get thec other planets.
Just a pity the the equipment is so expensive, but one day I will get there.
I don't have a Telescope, but I hear that nowadays they make Ultra Telescopes that can take nice photos.

Other planets are fascinating too. It was exciting to see the rings of Saturn and Jupiter.
My telescope is not so advanced, but still I was very much impressed in the very beginning. Now I have less and less time for it.

Hahaha, we are all the ame, as once the novelty wears off, then it becomes a burden, or we even forget about it. I remember the same feeling when a person gave me a tripod with one broken leg.
I fixed the leg and used the tripod for a week, now it's just standing idle in our store.


Ps. Is there any reason why the mods don't curate my posts anymore?

Well, my excuse is lack of time. I am finding myself amongst so many activities, so hardly have time for everything. Plus I am full time working and at the end I am so knackered, I fall asleep pretty early and miss the night sky.

Regarding curation - honestly I don't know as I am involved into creating the curation posts in AN an relying on a new mod to help selecting the posts for curation. But I suggest him not to miss your posts. As for the FF, Barbara is still the one who do the curation.

Wow! You have indeed taken on a lot of work and yes, it can interfere so much in a person's lifestyle.
Just be very careful of burn-out, as we had it twice and it almost finished us.
Now I work at a more leisurely pace and I don't allow myself to get tired or upset anymore.

Oh yes, I thought that something with the curation had changed and strange that adalger didn't notify me. The new one, or someone has now curated my latest post and let's hope that things will be back on song, as I work from my own account in the shares on twitter.
Thank you for mentioning it to the new person my friend.


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Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Sometimes I believe all the birds have flown towards South Africa - I don't see that many birds in a week 😉
The Sparrow Hawk looks familiar to me - maybe I have seen a photo of this bird this morning in a comment? 😀

Most of these photos I like the one where Sally frames the little Sparrow perfectly in the background - cool photo Zac 👍

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