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Have a nice day everyone! I took a picture of this flamboyant rooster before it goes to the arena. I liked its feathers and tails.

It's heavy structure reflect that of a well taken cared of by its handler.

Thanking @melinda010100 for initiating this entry.

     ****@Sarimanok ****

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Is cock fighting still legal where you are? Thanks for showing us this beautiful bird. !Tip

Hello, yes dear, it's still is! I used to bet too when hubby was still alive. Lols!

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It makes me sad when people are cruel to any animals.

I understand how you feel but that is what they're intended for just like the bullfighting in Spain. Though the last one I've witnessed was wayback 1997. I was not able to sleep the first time I entered the fighting cock arena with all the bloody thing after each fight. Nowadays, cockfight is only allowed on special occasions unlike before when they do it on weekends. Negros Island is known for raising good quality fighting cocks, most of which came from abroad. Each breed could reach up to $1k when ready to fight.

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