9741 satochis for free in 1 month!

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If you have tried any faucets before like freebitco.in, then you are familiar with the concept of logging in every hour to claim a few satochis.

But I don’t want to go to a website every 15 minutes, or set alarms every hour. The effort rewards ratio is not good enough for me.

However, a month a ago I discovered some faucets that are different. Yes, you can claim every 5 minutes if you want. But with these faucets the amount of sticks that you can claim grows over time. If you claim once a day you will get about 35 satochis, maybe even 40. I like that reward ratio a lot better.

But the longer you wait, the higher your claim will be.

Since they have a daily bonus, I make sure to claim at least once a day. They give a nice 100% bonus if you claim at least once every day, so I don’t want to miss out on that.

I claim twice a day and then I get about 30 satochis per claim per faucet. They actually have 7 faucets that all feed into the same wallet at https://coinpot.co and you will need to register here to be able to claim from any of the faucets.

There is also a mystery bonus, so in about a week, I got 2000 satochis. After just a month I got 9741 satochis.

Since 10000 is the minimum for withdrawal, I will be withdrawing them very soon.

btw, you can easily convert between the different crypto’s you get from these faucets. I converted all bitcoin cash, litecoin, doge and dash to bitcoin without a transaction fee!

The faucets are:

Also I recommend using Brave browser when you claim, it blocks a lot of annoying ads. You can get Brave browser here.

Thanks for reading, now get some free crypto!


Nice progress. Do you convert your other altcoins balances to bitcoin?

i have accumulated around 13500 satoshis, so i am back on track to recovery :-)

That's great progress :-). A couple of weeks ago there was DDos attack on Moonbitcoin and I've lost all my referrals in the process ;-(. It was quite a hit because I had 880 referrals...

Wow, that’s a very big hit to your income. I’ve got one referral so far.

i didn't have referrals, but i lost 50000+ satoshi, as account (bitcoin address) was not associated with my coinpot email, I tried to associate the account, but that didn't work either.
Anyways, this things happen, no choice you move on..

Yes, for now I have decided to convert everything to bitcoin. After that I’ll look into maybe converting it to one of the other crypto’s, but I haven’t decided on that yet.

I might actually be able to withdraw quicker and cheaper by using dash or litecoin.

And congrats on the recovery by the way!

I've been using these faucets for several years and I don't know how much I've earned with them but I believe it's quite a lot ;-). What I like is that on coinpot for every faucet claim or claim from your referrals you also get tokens and you can exchange these tokens into the currency of your choice.

The most important thing is not to miss days so that your loyality bonus goes up to 100%. I dedicate about 5 minutes per day to claim from all faucets but I do it just once a day to keep it at 100% ;-)

It should be quite a lot indeed!

I plan on sending some to celsius to start accumulating interest there.

Probably top up freebitcoin as well, so that that balance starts accumulating interest too.

When that is rolling I might get some Dai, because that generates a higher interest and doesn’t have the volatility of normal crypto’s.

It's a good approach to start accumulating them and get interests. Over time I've run into many scams so I only get interests where I'm totally sure that I will get my money back ;-)

Hmm that is a good thing to check indeed. Celsius seems to be good, they don’t promise 15+% roi. Instead it’s more like 3-4% which is in line with freebitcoin.

Do you have any recommendations?

To get interests on my crypto, I know two possibilities in which I trust but this doesn't mean that there aren't any others. I use freebitcoin and also bitfinex where you can get interests on almost all coins. I wrote a post about it some time ago.

Cool, I’ll check out your post then. I didn’t realize bitfinex did have interest on

That's $97 when BTC hits 1 million USD :)

Good job!

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I used the faucets a long time and last month coinpot banned my account. I lost about USD 40.

Oh man, that is bad. The faucets are great, but I am withdrawing as soon as I can.

I hope you will be able to recover some of that crypto.